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    The management committee have agreed that "Walking Soccer" could be a fun addition for seniors involved in the Sorrento Community Centre. We are going to put together a presentation of comment and videos to launch the club. We hope to generate enough interest to at least open a few sessions. The activity would be solely indoors in the gymnasium. An initial comment has been added to the summer program document issued to the community, as listed below. Note: we have changed the title to Walking Soccer to avoid confusion with Victoria's favourite football code - Aussie Rules Football!! "Walking Soccer" is like regular soccer, except you’ll play on a smaller pitch with modified rules designed to avoid injuries. All you need to know is that you’re going to have fun. Walking Soccer is a great way of staying active and increasing your cardiovascular fitness without the stress on your body that you might get from some other sports. If you can walk and know how to laugh then you have all the skills you need. So there’s really no excuse for not getting involved! Walking Soccer 2018.pdf

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