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  2. I have read a lot of negative articles, posts and comments recently about walking football. I am sure if you follow the various sites and social networks you will have seen the same or similar. But we have to remember it is still early days and so I want the community to focus on the positive for this topic. YOU have a voice and opinion and I encourage you to participate in this topic. Your input could encourage someone to take the sport up if they have been put off in any way recently. I would like everyone to post 5 reasons why walking football has been a positive activity for yourself or someone you know. NO negative in this thread please - just 5 simple positive bullet points.
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    Thanks mate
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    Hi Paul, I will ask around for you and welcome to the site.
  5. Hi phil. 634327201. I cant make tonight, but am definatly up for it.
  6. DO YOU HAVE A PHONE NUMBER there is a session tonight in Lubrin
  7. Hi phill. I live in antas, almeria spain. Im only forty five, but have just been diagnosed with ms. Any chance i can join a team?
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    Hi Not sure i am the right age, i am forty five, but have just been diaganosed with ms. Is there a club near me willing to take me? I am based in mojocar spain.
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  10. Imps in the Community works in partnership with Lincoln City FC to deliver projects in and around Lincoln
  11. Imps in the Community works in partnership with Lincoln City FC to deliver projects in and around Lincoln
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    We use 2 Pine Glen Indoor fields. Low Impact emphasis on fun. Usual turnout 24-32 players, 4 teams. Very friendly group. For information email [email protected]
  13. walking football club

    Over 50's 7pm-8pm @ Deans Sport and Leisure, Lincoln on their MUGA All abilities welcome £1.50 per session Call 01522 563792 for more details
  14. walking football club

    FREE SESSION 4:30-5:30pm at Sincil Bank Stadium Over 50's All abilities welcome Call 01522 563792 for more details
  15. Please find below all Walking Football Sessions we offer as part of our over 50s programme Monday 4-5pm @ Sincil Bank Stadium - on astro turf, all abilities welcome, no cost Wednesday 7-8pm @ Deans Sport and Leisure, Monks Road - on MUGA, all abilities welcome, £1.50 per session Friday 12-1pm @ Age UK, Park Street - in their hall - small space so good for those with mobility issues, all abilities welcome, no cost More information can be found here [Hidden Content]
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  17. Hi, We are a new club in the Charente Maritime in France and would love to hear from any other walking football group in France. The size of the country we live in makes competition against other teams more problematical than it is in the UK, but as the sport grows in popularity here as it has in the UK it would be great to learn from and play against more established clubs, whilst helping new groups to form! We would love to hear from you? Football Poster.pdf
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  19. At Schools Plus, we have some fantastic facilities for hire, all for sporting purposes. Are you still searching for a home to run your walking football sessions? At our schools, we have sports halls, gymnasiums and outdoor grounds in East, West, North and South London. We are open Monday to Friday from 6pm to 11pm, and weekends from 9am to 11pm. Need some feedback on our service? We currently have the West Ham United club hosting their over 60's walking football sessions at one of our East London schools. Why not have a chat with them? Give us a call now to book yourself in: 07342 886 930.
  20. Much as we might like to, we cannot ignore the politics as and where it affects us. In this particular section of this valuable forum, is that not what it is intended for ? to respond to views, news even if it is purely sensationalism or even fake news. There are many other areas of this forum that cater for the happier side of WF, so in as much as we all can decide what tournaments we take part in , we can also decide which forums we take part in.Walking Walt and GA are expressing their concern for the control of our game. In my opinion no one is taking to this forum to expressly slam the WFA but when they publish their singular views and insult specific and walking footballers in general then it is only right and proper that those that feel aggrieved by what has been said and continues to be said, feel the need to respond. Yes the FA or at least currently, fall short of our expectations for WF but are they taking to social media to slam their opponents ? on the other hand apart from an expressed authoritarian approach, preaching and slamming their critiques what exactly have the WFU/A done so far ? and before anyone responds with organising a national competition, they were taking place before the WFA concept was created.
  21. *navel* gazing - nothing to do with the fleet...or even the fleet of foot Sorry - no edit function available,
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    Spartans Community Football Academy. Walking football Ainslie Park Edinburgh EH5 2HF all welcome 1om to 2pm every Minday £2 further info [email protected] Garry
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    Reminder that we are starting a brand new Walking Football session in conjunction with Murieston United Football Club, starting from Wednesday 26th April 2017. Aimed primarily at over 35’s, both male and female, but there is no age limit ... and it’s FREE. Session's will run on Wednesdays from 10am to 11am, followed by tea or coffee for all participants at Murieston Community Football Club’s 3G pitch at Bankton Mains Sports Facility, Murieston, Livingston. Walking Football has became huge with many venues popping up over the country and we wanted to get involved! It allows keen footballers who perhaps aren't as mobile as they once were to have a game and also help their fitness levels! If you haven't played or even heard of walking football don't worry a full briefing will be given at the session, however, it is just like a normal game of football except... you cannot run at all during the game! That includes off the ball! The programme starts on 26th of April – so get in touch to let us know you’ll be coming along and we’ll see you there! There is no need to book! Just turn up at the clubhouse at Murieston ready to start for 10am! For futher information, please contact us on 01506 417000 and ask for the West Lothian Youth Foundation or email [email protected]
  24. Great idea about a charter standard for walking football. Something tangible to strive for in future development
  25. Please see my post re EFL at Harrogate. I was the only player in our squad under 60, (57 last Fri) we had at least 3 over 65 players. So in the right conditions and with the right attitudes competitive WF is not dead. Re the FA being not fit for purpose that is not anything to do with walking football and is predominantly aimed at their make up of personnel within its hierarchy. WF and the FA is in its infancy. They appear to be open to debate/discussion from my personal contact with them at both county and recently at a national level. I think we should all take an active interest in the so called politics because it is important to ensure that our members are made aware of the facts about the games development rather than mistruths or half truths.
  26. I can't be the only one fed up of this constant naval gazing and dreary contemplation? Just avoid the teams and tournaments you don't want to play (wherever possible) - or stick to your own by invitation events, internal sessions etc. I don't see Steve Rich as the oracle, nor do I have much faith in the F.A. either if I'm honest. The former is endlessly downbeat , and the latter has been found allegedly 'not fit for purpose' by the House of Commons hasn't it ? It's becoming obvious that leisure players aged sixty plus are unwise to mix with would-be-footballers of fifty odd, when an element of whom see this game as merely an extension of football and take the field with a win at all costs mentality. Let's look for the joy in this game, instead of endless carping and comparing.
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