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England Trials

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    Hi, I see that the first England International is advertised at being on the 10th December Away to Wales and yet I have still to hear the details of the Regional Trials.  Seems like we might be running out of time, has anyone else heard anything?  Cheers, Bill

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    I think this is a repeat of last year's competition where the winners from England, Scotland and Wales played each other with Herne Bay representing England and winning.. This year Birmingham will be travelling to Wales as the English winners but I believe the Scottish winners are not taking part so I don't think it is the first England international game. I believe trials will be arranged early in the New Year but I am sure those in the know will confirm if this is correct.

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    Ah, thanks Richard.  The Walking Football United website advertises it as a Wales v England Match and not a Welsh Club team v an English Club team game, so good to know, cheers!

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    Richard you are correct we are hoping to announce dates for the trials very soon, they will be January to March we are just confirming the venues, all players nominated will be contacted with dates and venues within their geographical area . The Home Internationals on 10th December is the winners from the individual national championships .


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