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tournament First Annual UK Charity Cup

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    Welcome to the First Annual UK Charity Cup.

    Hello to all Managers, Players, Organisers and Club Secretaries

    After a very successful year at TRA its time for the Biggest Knock Out Cup competition in the UK for the over 50 & 60 teams. Tra invite all walking football teams from all over the UK to enter and help raise money for Sport in Generations Foundation We are very happy to bring you the biggest Walking Football Cup in the UK.


    How will the cup work?

    The UK will be split in to 8 Zones to start off the cup. Scotland, Northern Ireland, North East, North West, Wales and West Midlands, East Midlands and East, South West, South East and London. We have done this to make it easy on travel for the first couple of rounds. Your team will stay in the zone until we have 1 Winning team from each zone. Rounds will depend on how many teams enter from each zone.

    You will be drawn against teams from your zone which will be done via a live Youtube Broadcast. This will happen every Round, a home team will be drawn, and an away team will be drawn. If for example Newcastle are drawn against Hull we happy for your team to meet in the middle unless you are willing to travel.

    Each game in Each Round up to the Grand Finals will be a set at best of three games each game will be 20mintues long. A penalty shoot will be the deciding matter if the results are even at the of normal time. I.e. if Romford win one game Dagenham win next and third is draw the tie goes to pens irrelevant of goals scored.  if you are drawn at home you are the host team and your venue or natural venue will be arranged by the yourself, along with the Referee. (however, both managers can share the Refereeing) a Match Report most be filled in by both managers and sent to TRA if a problem with a match is found to be badly refereed or any incident a rematch or disqualification will be ordered by TRA.

    TRA will give a list of local referees and WFA refs in each zone were possible if needed.

    The first-round draw will take place on 31st of January 2018 with games needed to be completed within 14 days of the draw and completed paper work to be with us within 15 days.


    This is a strictly over 50s and 60s walking football charity cup. Non-contact. It will be 6 aside, with a maximum of 10 players per team on the day but can register as many players as you like. Start date will be February 1st all teams must be registered by January 21st, so please register as quick as you can as places will not be held.

    All entry fees of £20 Pounds will be kindly donated to Sport in Generations Foundation


    What to do next!

    Please complete your team register form and donating fee of £20. Please contact Tra or go to trawalkingfootball.com and click on sport in generations foundation and download the form or contact [email protected] or please ring on 07842 883668 or 07981282949.

    You can also download the form directly here:


    Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you all

    Best Regards

    Terry Rice - TRA

    Monty Towers - Sport in Generation Foundation

    07842883668 / 07981 282949

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]



    Map of the UK.png

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