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Alan Richards

How can we get more women to play

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    Posted (edited)

    How do we get more women to play in mixed-gender sessions?  Karen , our only female player as yet, does her best to encourage others to join her...and us :)



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    Something we struggle with in Grimsby as well. No females play yet, although my wife keeps threatening to have a go. We do have one regular out at nearby Wolds Wanderers. I tried to get some interest through social media to try and get a team together for the Dick Kerr event but didn't get sufficient interest.

    We are just discussing the possibility of starting up a new session but expanding the content a bit more with a proper structured warm up, some suitable low impact fitness work and some skills drills before finishing with a game and a structured warm down. We would aim this session at beginners and would actively encourage female participants. In the planning stage at the moment and need to discuss more with the FA qualified coach amongst our ranks who has a good background of coaching at varying levels.

    I am sure there must be interest out there, so many mums have followed sons and daughters around junior football that surely they would love to have a go at walking football?

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    We at Barnet have found this to be an option along with our players bringing their daughters to our Thursday night open sessions 


    [email protected]


                The LONDON BEES 
                 Walking Football TOURNAMENT 
                       MIXED GENDER TEAMS 
                 Saturday 27th of January 2018 

    10:30am until 1:00pm 

    before inviting all participants to watch ... The London Bees v Watford Ladies at the hive

    Barnet FC
    The hive 
     Camrose Ave, London HA8 6A

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    At Birmingham WFC we have a regular women only session on a Friday evening - not the best day really at the end of the working week but we get anywhere between 8 and 16 women ranging from 20s to 60s. Some play in mixed sessions at other times too. We participated in the first Dick, Kerr cup last summer and have entered again this year. Skill levels vary tremendously from complete novice to experienced player but we have one thing in common - we love it! 

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    At Rothwell Old Boars we have a strong female membership.  The ladies play because our sessions are all about fun. It's not about winning, its about kicking a ball about and having a laugh. It's not about pretending that your 25 when your 55. They wont join in if their getting pushed and kicked.


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    Work in progress in Bedford. We have a good relationship with the Borough Sports Development Team and presently looking at best way to promote and encourage. Hoping between us we can run a set of sessions to get it all up and running in the Spring.

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