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    Well, I doubt 'backchat' will be re-instated any time soon, do you?

    It would be good to see though.  We NEVER learn anything from those who agree with us ALL of the time. 

    Stern critics, naysayers and those merely  with opposing - but valid, questioning  - views must be tolerated by any organisation worth its salt.

    Until the WFU website offers a right of reply , I treat it as seriously as recent threats of lawsuits.


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    I'm sure the back chat will re-open if the new WFA website is launched,  very long overdue perhaps it is finance or maybe an inability to agree with each other. If it does then what format is likely ? it is surely not going to be open for debate in the way it used to be given that no-one and no-one is allowed a different opinion to those of the WFU/A. Censorship, propaganda and fake news are more likely.

    I salute GA for their stance on these matters and their brave decision to sacrifice their competition involvement for the values that they hold true.

    Where will it all end ?

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