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unisex Brackenbury Sports Centre Unisex Walking Football

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Brackenbury Sports Centre

High Rd E, Felixstowe IP11 9JF

Over 60's Walking Football

The over 60's mixed group has been going for the past year and has almost doubled in size

This group is a more easy-going and relaxed session and is available for both men and women looking to improve fitness and have fun

Tuesdays from 13.40 until 15.00.


Over 50's Walking Football

This group is focused more on those that were playing football at a more competitive level.

Thursday 18.30 until 19.45.

In winter this group plays under floodlights.


New members to both groups are welcome

Contact Brackenbury Sports Centre for more details on 01394 270278


Brackenbury Sports centre walking football.jpg

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