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tamesider1    15

Although the registration deadline for the February session of the Greater Manchester Over 60's Walking Football League has now past, we do have opportunities for the March, April and May sessions and there will be an Autumn season from September to December. See the Downloads tab on the website for the League Rules, League Team Registration Form and Team Entry Form.

February is the inaugural session of the league and we have made a decent start with 2 divisions of 4 teams. Why not join us in future months?


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Thanks for your answer. Maybe  it is possible. We organise this year for the second time an international walking football tournament in our city in the east of netherlands. Almelo. There are now 5 english teams entered. Wiltshire,  chelmsford, grimsby, herne Bay and a combiteam from heanor.we choose a minimum age over 55, because the most english teams are youger thans in the netherlands.  But with the Dutch rules is that lower important. Look for the Dutch rules and the review's of the english teams from last year our website www.almelocitycup.nl. you can read the site in english. If you are interested to Come to the netherlands there is Maybe space. This week must Several teams decided if they Come.  We have now 28 teams and we want max 32 teams. With our rules there are never injuries.  We organise also transport from the airport to almelo. 

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tamesider1    15

The Greater Manchester Over 60's Walking Football League got off to a great start on Friday 3rd February. 8 teams in 2 divisions kicked off what promises to be a good season, with more teams joining in March. Read the report for more information.


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Having just played in the second session, can I congratulate the organisers on a superbly run session. The three referees used were the best I have ever played under, firm, fair and consistent. 

I am in no doubt that the over 60 format is responsible for a more laid back, less testosterone fuelled but equally as committed game.

And, if there is a better surface than Heywood Sports Village on which to play, I have yet to see it.

And a free brew after !

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