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Interesting that you sampled three referees Brian.  On pitch 3 in Division Two we played with the same one constantly. It would have been good to have had a little variety.

Is this policy I wonder, or just  a quirk of the day?  Our Referee was OK by and large but he didn't spot this gallop, which led immediately to the goal that cost us the game.

Also - he awarded several corners after the ball had gone behind OVER head height off our goalkeeper.  It's my understanding under WFU rules & regulations that this circumstance means a  'dead ball'. Perhaps those more in the know can confirm? If I am correct I hope this is information that can be passed on to the Division Two Referee. Teams also need reminding this is not a competition playing to F.A. rules.  Some people were shouting  'Direct free kick Ref' - as I am 100% sure these play no part in WFU thinking.

I agree about the surface.  It was quite  superb, and a pleasure to play on.  Real adhesion with minimal danger of slippage when dry, or in the wet, even when wearing worn dimples.

Happily we may soon have similar at 'our place' if fund raising efforts permit. We currently play on worn out 3g. Hopes are high and efforts are in hand.

In conclusion, a much better occasion than last weekend's 'People's Cup'.  Perhaps a more punctual start next time and increased numbers in Division Two. Just three fifteen minute games is not really enough when trying to get everybody in ones squad  a fair share of time on the pitch.

The 'free brew' -  a feature synonymous with our  walking football is always welcomed.  Next time I shall be sure to sample one.

Thanks to the organisers and the facilitators. Well done to ALL of our opponents - there was no ugliness on view, unlike last week at Ardwick.

 Once more we learned something on the day.



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tamesider1    15

9 teams in 2 divisions competed in the March session of the Greater Manchester Over 60's Walking Football League, which was a great success thanks to some excellent refereeing, little physicality, a big clamp down on running and some great walking football. This is how the game should be played. Read the report here. Fancy joining us? Use the Contact Us page on the website.

Edited by tamesider1

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I agree that it is a good idea for teams to have different referee`s for games wherever possible. Perhaps Bill and Paul could look to implement going forward ?

On the issue of overhead height from off the goalkeeper, I would have thought that it was common sense that it a `keeper saves a shot by parrying it in the air behind the goal line over head height the obvious decision is a corner in the same way that it is a corner if the keeper pushes the ball round the post, or am I misunderstanding you ?

On your point about footwear, I could not disagree with you more.

When the rains came down on Friday, it was very noticeable in the games we played in the number of people who lost their footing, some ending up on the floor. The new generation of 3g artificial surfaces allow for molded sole football boots to be worn, and this should be the guiding factor ie "Footwear should be a choice based upon what is suitable for the individual and allowed at the location" Speaking personally, I have a chronic knee condition which necessitates a solid footing in order for me to be able to participate, Astroturf trainers on wet surfaces do not give me that security.The question of footwear does not appear to have been an issue anywhere else, you appear to have taken a personal incident and turned it into a bit of a crusade.


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tamesider1    15

Alan, here is the relevant section of the rules re keeper and overhead height. As for rotating the referees, I will have a look at that when I do the fixtures for April.

At present it is so easier for me to just allocate a referee to a certain pitch but you do make a good point.



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I have read that passage several times to myself since last Friday. This is how we play. How we interpret the rules and how  Alan Graham applies the rules. Despite Brian's point about 'common sense' (with which I do not disagree)  the rule clearly means that a ball parried or deflected over head height behind the goal line by  a 'keeper is not a corner. Are we agreed on that at least ?The key word being 'EXCEPT'. Personally I think it SHOULD  be a corner, but there we are.

Corners offer little advantage (under the rest of the rules) anyway. We've not really 'enjoyed' a corner at our venues since we introduced no heading and no 'D' ingress (Summer)

As for a personal 'crusade' Brian you may well be correct. MY feet, like your knees are valuable, personal commodities. Although I can honestly report I have not cajoled , coerced or even tried to persuade our players to agree with me - to  a man none of them wear studs on their feet and everyone I have spoken to thinks studs are not necessary. This is a sample of forty walking footballers across two venues.  I don't wish to labour this point any longer though , as the organisers have made their policy clear.  Neither our players, nor myself noticed any deterioration in 'traction' as the pitch moistened, but I shall take your word for it.

Edited by Alan Richards

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