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news Uriah Rennie Joins The WFA

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    Uriah Rennie Joins The WFA (Walking Football Association) as the Official Referee Advisor for the WFA

    Uriah began refereeing in 1979 in local leagues which led to operating in the Northern Premier League until 1994 when he was then added to the list of Football League referees.

    The 23rd August 1997 saw him referee his first Premiership game and later, joined the elite list of FIFA referees between 2000 to 2004.

    He retired from the FIFA list in 2004 due to reaching the compulsory retirement age of 45.

    Mr Rennie practices kick-boxing and aikido, and has a Master's degree in business administration and law.

    He is also a magistrate in Sheffield.

    In August 2015, he became the referee in the popular ITV game show Freeze Out.





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    This can only be a positive move surely.  To bring the know how and expertise of such  an eminent former 'football' referee to our game. We have several players keen to get on the WFA accreditation courses. Such instruction will give added weight to our officials decisions even in internal games where disputes are seldom heard. As the game grows exponentially an equivalent rise in Referee numbers is essential to assist developments.  Games without Referee's are avoided wherever possible at our venues and almost NEVER happen.  It's also good for all players to try the Refereeing role for the odd game too. Gives them insight.  I've been doing much more Refereeing  myself lately.  It is extremely demanding mentally.  Far tougher than Refereeing traditional football.  Ones eyes have to be all over the place checking for off the ball runners, and anything other than most minimal of contact.  If you think it's easy you're not doing a proper job in my opinion.

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