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Who Plays Fantasy Football Here?

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referee    19

Thought I would get a roll call for people who play fantasy football / dreamteam football here?

I play the Suns Dreamteam and Sky Sports fantasy football

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One of our players tried to organise a fantasy football league to coincide with the start of the new football season.  Nobody was interested, and I include myself in that. 

Undeterred, he is taking part with others in something he enjoys. Fair enough and good luck to him, but it's something that leaves me cold. 


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referee    19

This will be the 3rd year I have done it and I love it

Any Premier league games now take on a new meaning if I have one of my dream team players in the squad playing and the amount of conversations about it are amazing down our local where one of the guys runs the league we are all in

We all put in just a £10 each and he sorts out the prizes at the end of the season like winning team, runner up and has started doing best mover of the last part of the season which means everyone still has a chance of a prize in the last part of the season.



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