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news Walking Football Deemed Unpopular

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    Well it would appear so in Welshpool :(

    Welshpool Town Football Club officials have had to cancel their Festival of Sport due to a lack of interest.

    All age groups were welcome to give Walking Football a try but not enough have come forward to show an interest.

    Disappointed Welshpool Town chairman, Russell Cadwallader said: “Unfortunately due to a lack of interest the walking football on Sunday has been cancelled."





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    Welshpool bucks the trend ! I have heard of several  other venues struggling for numbers though to be fair. One wonders why people are deterred from at least trying the game.  I think persuading folk to have a go is the key to it...most really enjoy it and are soon hooked. This is why game management is so important, and the need to be inclusive wherever possible. We've had very few newcomers who have not returned...quite the contrary. They soon become passionate about walking football. 

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    Through our friends at Lincs Inspire we continue to attract new players although I as well have noticed that minor injuries are taking their toll and we need to have better knowledge about injury recuperation, too many of ours come back too quickly and the injury repeats itself. This then disheartens some.

    We still have a nucleus of around 36 turning up each session even through the holiday period.

    Retention through improved age grouping is key, good to see over 60 and over 65 comps/festivals occurring. Interesting to see others though extending the age groups so that father/son sessions can be played. Even played with the right mindset then age shouldn't matter.

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    It's the 'right mindset' that some find elusive. We only consider Over 60 and Over 65 games now, and divide our internal sessions along the same lines when numbers permit. Injuries are indeed a problem - close to home of late - I am beginning to realise the value of a longer warm up.

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