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Fast Kev


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7 hours ago, Left foot said:


................Alan, if you are not interested in the politics then why do you comment upon it ? there are plenty of other areas of this website in which you can and do contribute without it being political. 
Whether we like it or not the politics are important, of interest to many and affect all. It is not simply a question of rules it is much deeper, it is about who governs the WF game, who is involved, transparency in their appointment and conduct, will there be funding, where the funding comes from, what it is used for etc etc thus it does impact upon us all. 


You have me at  a disadvantage, 'Left Foot' for you know my name, I do not know yours, but I will address the question you ask.

If commenting on the differences between the two codes/rules is implicitly showing an 'interest' in the 'politics' of Waking Football your question would be a fair one.  As it is I simply state a preference for WFA/WFU rules - fairly, consistently, and reasonably.  All I am looking for is a framework of laws which I can clearly recognise as putting the welfare of older  players uppermost. 

The matter of which organisation provides this is what is of no 'interest'.  I carry no brief for the WFU/WFA.   In fact they have some way to go to illustrate they are an efficient, cohesive organisation ready to take this game forward.  I hope this emerges soon and I know these are still early days.

I really did not care  who (in my view) came up with the best set of rules. I have no axe to grind with the F.A. In fact, if it had been the Football Association then it may well have been  a whole lot easier and straightforward, given the position they have in the traditional game. In my view, they got it wrong.

I used the term 'politics' in inverted commas quoting 'Striker', in response to his introduction of  the term to the thread.  'Politics' in its real sense and  in the real world is something I'm passionate about - in terms of walking football it means little, if anything at all.

Walking Football  is just  a game. Some see it as a sport and that's fair enough.  The depth and scope of 'Governance, transparency and funding' is of little interest to most of those who play it , and clearly means more to you than it does to me. 


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Left foot    10

With respect, whilst it is quite clear that you favour the WFA rules the topic is ‘who are the real fa’  it is about the organisation and not about which playing rules are preferred. Start a new topic if that is what you want to debate.

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I had a quick check through the sessions as listed on this website the other day - there were over 120 - if they averaged 16 people to each that's nearly 2000 enjoying WF on one day . I can't see the WFA/WFU talking about anything other than Competitions and Tournaments - as GY says WF sits well with the FA under their Recreational Group. Would love to see the FA sort an 'offer' for the majority of participants who play as a recreational activity.                                                                         Can also assure you that all the guys that come to our sessions (whatever their age) will tell you to a man they are playing football.

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5 hours ago, Walking Football Bedford said:

 ......."Can also assure you that all the guys that come to our sessions (whatever their age) will tell you to a man they are playing football."

I think that's the cue. 

Life's too short.


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