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news Ageing Better in Birmingham Fund For Walking Football

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    I would appreciate it if you could share this post with Walking Football clubs you know of around the Birmingham area (social network sharing buttons at bottom of post).

    I have been contact by Elina from Ageing Better in Birmingham to see if they can help a Walking Football team based in the Birmingham area.

    Elina says: "If you know of any Walking Football teams in Birmingham that could help isolated over 50s get involved in their activity, we have up to £2,000 to support new activities like that.

    If people have an idea that they think will help reduce isolation and benefit people over 50 in Birmingham, our Ageing Better Fund can help pay expenses up to £2,000. You don't need to be a constituted group to apply"


    You can contact Elina on Twitter at - @ageingbetterBHM or visit their website here





    The Ageing Better Fund is part of the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme which is led by Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC) and funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

    The Ageing Better Fund supports citizens of all ages in Birmingham who can empower people over 50 to make contributions to their community by starting Ageing Better Networks. Networks are groups of people who come together to start activities to help end isolation for older people in Birmingham.

    No matter how innovative or unqiue your idea is, if it is what people over 50 in your community want to do and it includes isolated people over 50 in the design of your activity, then consider applying to the Ageing Better Fund!

    The Ageing Better Fund can cover costs up to £2,000.

    You can find more information about what the fund can and cannot pay for, and how to apply, in the Ageing Better Fund Guidance document which you can find on our documents page.

    It's worth noting that the Ageing Better in Birmingham programme is a learning programme and we ask all groups to fill in questionnaires that support our national evaluation.

    ageing better in birmingham.jpg

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