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    Interview With Bernard Roddy

       (3 reviews)


      Name: Bernard Roddy.

      Age: 82

      Location: Denton

      Walking Football Club: Tameside; Tameside Striders;

      1. How long have you played Walking Football?

      6 months.


      Why did you get involved with Walking Football?

      I saw snatches of it on television and kept saying “I wonder if I could do that?” and finally my wife tracked down the nearest place it was played and more or less sent me!


      How many times a week do you take part?

      Once a week.


      What do you do in training sessions that you think are important to avoid injury?

      Warm-ups before the game. I have never warmed up in my life before, but I appreciate them now!


      Have you played competitive Walking Football?

      I have not played in any league or tournament, but the games we play are competitive enough for me.


      Has your diet changed since you started Walking Football?

      Not really; I make sure I have a good breakfast (including a banana) – and I take a bottle of water and drink it at half-time; something else I have never done before!


      Do you feel fitter and healthier since playing?

      I can’t say I feel fitter but when I walk, I walk with more purpose - and take a few strides now and again!


      BRoddy on the ball.jpg

      Have you had any injuries since playing?

      Only a few minor aches and slightly pulled muscles but nothing to stop me playing; I do try not to stretch for the ball as much as when I first started!


      Do you always have a first aid trained person when playing?



      Has your social life changed since playing?

      Only in the sense that for about the two hours a week I find I am happy sharing the enjoyment of football with so many friendly people; I have also discovered links with other friends who know people that I know.

      I also have a lot more to tell my friends – and my wife!



      Best and worst memories?

      My best moment is of the silence that went over both teams when I fell to the ground and then, when they realised I wasn’t really hurt a voice called clearly: “Were you playing for a penalty?” And then I was pulled to my feet!

      Worst moment: I was only yards from an open goal and received a perfect pass – only to look at the goal and not the ball – and ‘kicked’ it with my shin.

      And we needed that goal!


      How else has Walking Football affected your life?

      I look forward to Tuesday morning and am so happy to be playing again and grateful to all the “lads” who have just accepted me into the set up.


      What do you like most about Walking Football?

      Apart from the football itself, it is the concern shown for each other by everyone who plays.


      What do you like least about Walking Football?

      I can’t think of anything; I even like taking my turn in goal.

      It gives me a rest and a chance to watch others recalling their glory days!



      What are you goals for the future?

      Just to be able to keep playing and enjoying the football – and it would be good to SCORE a goal!


      Anything else you'd like to share?

      Try walking football – you will get a warm welcome and you will be looked after.

      It is great when you realise you can still kick a ball.

      But remember: “Play to feet,” the others are not as fast as you. (used to be!)

      Thanks - Bernard Roddy.


      Broddy team.jpg

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         2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

      Bernard is a true gent and he comments about the consideration of others but Bernard is just as considerate to others no matter what age or abilities everyone is made welcome and Walking football helps fitness and mental wellbeing.

      A sport to keep us oldies going. 

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      Alan Richards

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         1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

      As one of the organisers of the sessions Bernard attends I was really delighted to read of his positivity and the inclusivity he finds within  our group.  A real Gentleman too, and it's a shame we don't always get long to chat after our games because he must have many  a story to tell.  Some of his touches on the ball show he obviously played football to  a decent standard in his youth which would have been as Britain was emerging from the dark days of World War Two.  I'm proud to have Bernard playing with Tameside Striders, and the affection he has for our group is entirely mutual. 

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      Biggar 6's

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      Good on you Bernard. I'm 68 and I started the Walking Football in Biggar South Lanarkshire Scotland, as like you I had itchy feet longing to kick a ball again but nowhere to go, so like '' a field of dreams'' build it and folk will come, we have been going 20 weeks now, and have a group of 24 including 5 females. fortunately the group don't all turn up at once, we've had 9 aside, which works out ok as there is always space, due to people walking not running. Folk are getting fitter and the old skills are coming back, like you we all love it. I hope you get your goal soon if not i'll send you a few of mine lol. keep walking keep shooting.

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