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    Interview With Shaun Sherrick

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    1) Background

    Name: Shaun Sherrick

    Age: 56

    Location: Middlesex

    Walking Football Club Name: Barnet Walking Football Team


    How long have you been involved with the running of Barnet WFT

    I have been arranging fixtures and making contacts with other team coordinators for about 16 months, speaking with some on a daily basis as they have become friends .


    2) Why did you first get involved with helping run your Walking Football club?

    I was present when the Hive Trust were looking to set up a team , and like any new set up, it can only survive if enough people become pro active.

    We are very lucky to have a group of us that handle all the needs that help our set up run smoothly, from kit washing to giving lifts to matches.


    3) When was your Walking Club formed?

    Friday October 9th , 2015 , but it was about a year before we started organising our teams etc


    4) How many hours per week do you spend on club related matters?

    My wife says I am always on the 'phone!


    5) Is your club funded in any way and if so, how did you achieve securing these revenue streams?

    We are very lucky to be part of The Hive Community Trust, an arm of Barnet FC, who run our weekly sessions, they handle all funding issues.


    6) Does your club follow rules of the game created by the FA or WFA? If the answer is yes, why did you decide to follow those association rules?

    We follow the rules of common sense and safety, such as no heading the ball, secure area for keepers, ball kept under head height, minimal contact and tackling.

    We find nearly all our opponents have the same standards.


    7) How many regular players attend each session and how quickly have numbers grown since the club was formed?

    We have around 40 plus at our weekly sessions, from a starting point of 6, with the introduction of walking cricket along with the growth of our Facebook page, word is spreading.


    8) If your club plays a competitive game, rather than one of the weekly Walking Football fitness sessions, do you see any change of attitude in respect of competitiveness in the players?

    Yes, we change our style of play and certain players develop a competitive edge, but kept within the spirit of walking football.

    If we accidentally collide with an opponent, we will always help them up and will never resort to the physical element that some teams employ in a win at all costs attitude.


    9) Do you feel fitter and healthier since you have started playing Walking Football and if so in which ways?

    Yes , as someone who suffers with asthma, I have found the fresh air and exercise has helped my breathing


    10) Have you had any injuries playing and if so what were they?

    So far so good , no problems .. touch wood :))


    11) Do you always have a club member present who has had first aid training at your games and training sessions?

    Yes , The Hive Trust who take our sessions


    12) Has your social life changed since you started playing, and if so in what way?

    I have developed a new set of friends that I socialise with.

    We spend a few hours every Friday after our session having a coffee together, we organise charity events and travel to away fixtures and wk end breaks at tournaments.

    We have a Xmas party and of course when Barnet are at home in div 2, we always cross paths .. and our very active Facebook page sees us all talking , sometimes daily.


    13) What are your best and worst memories of playing Walking Football?

    Best : our first match at The Hive, we walked into the changing room to find the club had put out our kit on pegs as they would the first team, a lovely gesture.

    Worse : So far none, because what ever the result, I am grateful to be playing football at my age for the team I support at such places as The Emirates Hub and The Bobby Moore stadium.


    14) How else has playing Walking Football affected your life?

    Making new contacts / friends with people who share a common interest, all over England.


    15) What do you like most about Walking Football?

    The friendships we have built up with certain teams, visiting their ground and having a coffee with them afterwards


    16) What do you like least about Walking Football?

    The will to win at all costs attitude that some teams use by being over physical and filling their team with ex non league players


    17) Do you find it difficult NOT to run and what advice could you give someone in how to remain at walking pace?

    I do not find it difficult as my team mates will tell...

    I hardly move which cuts down the running opportunities :))

    Maybe 3 touch max, look to pass and create chances is a way to stop running with the ball


    18) What are your goals for the future when playing Walking Football?

    My aim is to eventually play for our over 65 team remaining fit and agile as I am today.


    19) What advice would you give to someone who would like to play but is nervous about approaching a club or attending a Walking Football session for the first time?

    It's a great way to improve health and social well being, we are inclusive, no matter what your ability we offer competitive, friendly or just weekly fun football sessions, something for everyone and everyone is welcome.


    20) What do your friends and family think about you playing a sport again at your age?

    They think it's a great idea


    21) What are the costs involved in order for you to play / run your Walking Football?

    Thursday and Friday sessions are £3 and I have unlimited data on my iPhone .. phew


    22) Anything else you’d like to share?

    Just how lucky we are to share the facilities of a league team, we get wonderful support from our Chairman and Trust, with articles in the match day programme and official website along with everyone at the club helping in booking pitches and using venues for our charity events ...

    Barnet FC is a great club to be associated with.


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