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  1. Hi All, I am organising a 15 Team Charity Walking Football Tournament in Swansea on Sunday July 30th 2017. SA1UTE Charity Walking Football Festival Venue Playfootball Swansea Date 30th July 2017 Entry Fee £ 25 per team 5 - A - Side Kick Off 10am Entry Money has to be in by Friday 14th July 201 To see a list of teams who have already committed to coming and to see the Rules, please click the link. [Hidden Content] If you would like a space/s just let me know. TYVM. ATB. Reeco
  2. F.A. & National Football Museum gig...

    Hi All, for what it's worth, I reffed two games of Walking Football on Sunday 26th March at Playfootball Swansea, it was the Peoples Cup, only three teams entered but we all made the most of it and everyone enjoyed, the games were played in a very fair competitive spirit, it was organised by the FAW, the two teams i reffed were Swansea v Pontybrennen, they played each other twice, I enjoyed reffing, and I told the players before the games, I would come down hard on players who I thought were seeking to gain unfair advantage by jogging, as I saw this as the biggest bone of contention, it's not whether we as players think we are jogging, it's whether a referee thinks we are jogging. I have to say that both teams accepted my decisions and yes they did question my decisions on times but they did it in a respectful manner, which made my job as referee easier and enjoyable, when our team Playfootball Pedestrians v Swansea, the Keeper from Pontybrennen reffed it and he also did a good job, when we, Playfootball Pedestrians v Pontybrennen, a player from Swansea reffed and he did a great job aswell, looking back on it, I think all the refs did a great job. This is not having a pop at anyone, maybe the way to go forward would be to ask the Captain to play a very important role and mediate between the ref and his own team if any of his team start crossing lines maybe we should go down the rule like they do in rugby and allow no dissent to go unpunished. As an example, we were allowed to take a direct free kick at one stage in the game, and I totally forgot about the walking rule lol, my fault, I ran three yards, I was penalised and I agreed with the ref. Maybe we all have to be accountable for own actions. To finish it maybe a good idea to seriously start playing and treating walking football with respect and honour for the benefit of the game, if we as players can see our team mates breaking rules and we accept that we are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Walking Football is what WE make it. By WE, I mean everyone from the English FA, to County FA's to Clubs, Referee and Players. If we all sing from the same hymn sheet this game has a chance of developing. Our team lost two games and drew two games, it was out first festival and our squad thoroughly enjoyed it and we will look forward to the next one. I have talked to a Representative of the FAW Trust to take this to the next level, and hopefully West Glamorgan will have a Walking Football League of around 8 teams come Sept 2017, but I think laying our ground rules to all clubs and players will be vitally important. ATB Reeco
  3. Sorry All, I forgot to add the link. [Hidden Content] ATB. Reeco PS It's under West Wales
  4. Hi All, If clubs are interested, I would organise a Walking Football Tournament on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon during the summer of 2017. I could hire 6 single five a side pitches at Playfootball Swansea. It's just an idea. If no one is interested no hard feelings, just throwing the idea out there. ATB Reeco
  5. Hi All, There is a Football Association of Wales 8 Team Walking Football Tournament on Sunday 26th March 2017 at Playfootball, Swansea. ATB. Reeco
  6. FAO Anyone That's Intetested

    [Hidden Content]# ATB. Reeco
  7. I am completely new to WF, but here is my humble opinion, I think we should all keep an open mind on what the rules could be and maybe trial them for a season to see if they beneficial. I have watched a fair few videos and there is always one or two in a team that are running, now then from my point of view, we either play the game as it's meant to be or we don't. There is not much point in your team, training and playing by the rules of the game, if my team comes along starts making big tackles, every player is running, we will make a mockery of WF. The Referee's who a lot of them are probably not qualified, they do it to help out and I say well done to them, but a lot of them don't seem to want to say to the player/s who are continually running everywhere, do you know this is WF fella. As I said, I have no problem with rules as long as we are singing from the same hymn sheet and it's across the board. ATB. Reeco
  8. Playfootball Pedestrians Swansea Facebook Group
  9. This is a cross post from a topic: Playfootball Pedastrians Swansea Hi All, We are walking out in our first session at Playfootball, Swansea on Sunday 12/2/17. I will keep you informed as to how it goes. ATB. Reeco
  10. Hi All, We are walking out in our first session at Playfootball, Swansea on Sunday 12/2/17 time 1.45 - 2.45pm. I will keep you informed as to how it goes. ATB. Reeco

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