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  1. This must be very confusing for people that want to referee
  2. I only got 3 O Level grade C's so admit not the smartest of the bunch but this rule clarification is clear as mud to me. What am I missing? Taken tonight from [Hidden Content] Which Rules? Players are still turning out for tournaments uncertain of what rules are in effect, and what they comprise of. In competitive WF there should really only be two sets of rules that should preside over proceedings, namely preference for the FA or WFA versions. Players should take responsibility to learn the rules and preferably acknowledge the differences. At least then everyone will be playing by just the either or.
  3. I see the phrase "can you tackle in walking football" is listed in the google Searches related to walking football section at the bottom of the page. This means it is a really popular search phrase to be put there. Due to it's popularity would that show that there is a lot of confusion still regarding what minimal contact is and what is allowed and not allowed regarding tackling?
  4. ask john croot Walking Football Player Transfer Fees

    its not so really a weird question I know sunday league pub players over the years have been head hunted to move from one club to another and they never had the chances for champions league and world cup tournaments walking footballers are going to have
  5. Stop Press

    Hi Admin I think you were a bit harsh on Fast Kev as he only said he thought Steve Rich must be unhinged if he thought people would believe he had made that website announcement as a belated April fools joke. If Steve Rich wants to know what nasty is read this - "I feel obliged to once again to turn my back on platforms such as this as they do nothing but frustrate, and far too often offer just that small window of opportunity for small minded egotists like GY Ancient Mariner to vent spleen on any social platform that tolerates his odious intimations. BackChat, Twitter and now here. Shameful, meddlesome, divisive. You are not alone though - the pit has many a distasteful viper. Enjoy your keyboard." That is posted by Steve Rich on this site here [Hidden Content] I think it is important you keep this post on the site because it is paramount that anyone considering joining the WFA need to know what type of person is heading it up and what they will be contributing to financially. That is of course if GY Ancient Mariner agrees to. But if it were me I would because people need to know who they are dealing with and Mr Rich does not look to good posting such nasty comments himself. It would be a shame if they were removed for the good of the game. All of my fellow players refuse to deal with Steve Rich now because of his attitude and his post shows his views in black and white - Do not let other walking footballers fall foul of a man who can publicly make statesments like that - It is in the interest of the game moving forward that this information remains in the public domain.
  6. The People's Cup

    You spoke to soon - latest walking football united blog rant
  7. The People's Cup

    I cannot believe Steve Rich who I am told is one of the owners of the WFA, has the above view about people who enjoy playing walking football. I take it the WFA rules will outlaw anyone with their own opinions and we will all have to follow them without speaking or discussing the rules like lambs and lemmings or fear being blackballed? Steve Rich's opinions and views about other walking footballers should be shared on the platforms he has been derogatory about so all walking footballers who use these platforms know what he thinks about them. I personally feel insulted and sad that an icon of walking football has these views about mere mortals in the game. I would say you're the one being divisive Mr Rich.by posting what you did above.
  8. Here Here wfcHarborne We personally feel alot more comfortable dealing with FA rules than what appears to be a [Hidden Content] LTD company telling us what is and what is not allowed. Even if we do not agree with all the FA rules in all respects we would prefer to follow them as best as. If we look at the definition of what rule means One of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity. Why turn our back on what the FA have provided? Thoughts?
  9. The People's Cup

    Exactly and now Steve is registered here we hope to see some input from him Then we can actually reply to it
  10. 3 Touch Rule

    Is this one of the new FA rules? Do you have any more that they are due to publish out of interest? Thanks Fairfield WFT for your info
  11. Walking Football General Knowledge 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 93 seconds  
  12. WFA referee certification

    So WFA will operate with different rules to the FA? That makes no sense. What is going on
  13. Senior Seasiders Logo

    Great image
  14. Just wondered how long you spend on your football warm up exercises if indeed you do any? I notice some attendees don't always do anything before starting the game. Does anyone at your sessions take responsibility to make sure everyone is told to do some or do you just leave it up to the individual?
  15. Training sessions...

    Hi, Sounds like a great idea and I am going to pass the question on to our players Currently we don't though in answer to your question

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