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  1. Football players who think their playing days are well behind them should think again! Walking football is a non-contact activity where any player who sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play concedes a free-kick to the other team. It’s designed to help players maintain an active lifestyle and encourages those who may have had to stop taking part in sports, to become active again by playing football. Sessions are aimed at people aged over 50 or for people with restricting health conditions, but all are welcome – check out the video to get an idea! There are three different weekly indoor walking football sessions: Desborough Leisure Centre – Fridays, 10.30am – 12 noon* Kettering Arena (KLV) – Tuesdays, 10.30am – 12 noon* Kettering Science Academy – Wednesdays, 8.30 – 9.30pm (* £2.50 per person or £1.25 with a Kettering Leisure Pass)
  2. Conoce toda la actualidad de la provincia de Almería a través del blog de la Diputación de Almería. http://blog.dipalme.org/
  3. STV Live At Five - 19/06/17
  4. On Saturday 17th June, 12 teams of men and women over the age of 50 battled it out in the EFL Trust Walking Football Cup Finals. The finals took place at Aston Villa's training ground with an added 'Legends game' which saw a number of ex-pros take one an EFL team with charity partner Prostate Cancer UK. www.efltrust.com
  5. I went to find out whether or not the new and upcoming sport 'Walking Football' could help prevent the development of type II diabetes in over 50s.
  6. The visuals created in this video are my own. The music is not owned by me and is purely used for education purposes. The music is owned by Axero. I will not make any monetary profit from this video and it is purely used as reference for my filmmaking portfolio.
  7. Gary McLaughlin, the Chair of Walking Football Scotland sets out the aims of the board and their hopes for the future of Walking Football in Scotland
  8. John Hislop from the Gala Fairydean Rovers explains how he is benefitting from the growth of Walking Football in Scotland
  9. Jim Corstorphine from the Fife Wanderers describes all the benefits he gets from playing Walking Football
  10. Jim Buchanan from Tullibody CFC explains how important it is to offer opportunities like Walking Football for people in local communities
  11. Glen Milne from Gala Fairydean Rovers Walking Football club explains what benefits you get from taking part in Walking Football
  12. Drew Wilson from Glasgow United Walking Football Club explains why walking football is so great for the over 50s
  13. Brian Duncan from the Fife Wanderers explains what he gets out of taking part in Walking Football in his local community