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  1. RIP Competitive WF?

    Who would have thought it ? more doom and gloom, sweeping statements and insults aimed at us players from within the bubble of the self appointed owner of walking football and another blatant go at discrediting the FA and its Laws of the game. I get the feeling that the only answer must be that we all pay an 'affiliation' fee to WFA Ltd, get nothing in return and all will be good within the world of walking football. This little section below is particularly amusing, apparently an authoritarian approach should be adopted in 'sessions' and to hell with people enjoying themselves, playing in the type of 'session' they want ! How dare they enjoy themselves !! How about players "not subscribing to forums and WF platforms" ? Perhaps the author forgot that he closed down his forum because people dared to voice an opinion he didn't like, authoritarian ? Or perhaps it has slipped his mind that he regularly insults people who dare to voice an opinion on other forums and even threatens them with legal action if their opinions don't align with his, authoritarian ? Is there an 'authoritarian' pattern evolving here ? or has someone just been taking tips from Kim Jong-un on ruling the masses ? Incidentally, i played in the EFL tournament over the weekend and it was all very nice, reasonable standard of refereeing with FA rules and a friendly atmosphere and incredibly nobody got crippled or maimed with the ever popular, apparently FA inspired, bone crunching tackles we keep hearing about.
  2. Stop Press

    GY that is an admirable stance and i hope many other clubs will follow your lead. Unfortunately I don't have the influence to be able to follow in your footsteps but i have already taken the decision that i personally would not play in the so-called WFA tournament and explained my reasons to many other players. The arrogance, hypocrisy and unprofessionalism displayed by the so-called WFA Ltd and WFU will ensure that it is seen by the majority for what it really is and will never be anything more than an echo chamber whilst the owners are now reduced to just making complete fools of themselves and any amount of insults, threats, stamping of feet and tantrums will never change the fact that they are simply irrelevant and unnecessary in our sport.
  3. Stop Press

    I wouldn't have believed that had i not just seen it !! If the so-called WFA was not a laughing stock before it is now !!
  4. F.A. & National Football Museum gig...

    Interesting read and viewpoints. The more i play, see and read about walking football the more disillusioned i become. Is this not just another example of the game not being taken seriously by all parties involved ? Football on a wet cobbled pitch the size of a boxing ring as an exhibition to promote the sport ? Seriously ? The game is a shambles within, what with the FA seeming to not be taking it seriously, the so-called one man band WFA bashing the FA constantly and hurling childish insults around at players almost daily, still 2 sets of rules which nobody can agree over, non of the players actually walking, kicking lumps out of each other in competitions, mixing 20 stone 65 year old couch potatoes that couldn't even play 40 years ago with very fit, talented 50 year olds on the same pitch, complete lack of suitable referees and the list goes on. The view from outside the game, i suspect is one of bewilderment, a humorous paradox to be sneered at as just the name in itself creates visions of a cheesy Two Ronnies sketch. Seriously, the whole idea of 'walking' football to the onlooker must be ridiculous, it is also almost a label of self pity that strongly implies we are all too old, fat, frail, unfit and weak to even cope with breaking out into a light jog once in a while and so with all this is it any wonder the sport is not taken seriously ? Ditch the 'walking' tag for something less demeaning and more appealing, swap the walking rule for a jogging rule for over 50's competition (nobody truly walks anyway), keep minimal contact rule and make every club provide from within their club one strong, quality referee for each tournament they enter and watch the games credibility and popularity go through the roof.
  5. A little free-kick confusion...

    With all due respect this match is obviously not walking football in the true sense as there was constant running by both teams but does it really matter as long as both teams are happy with a game played this way ? They certainly seem to be enjoying it in this case. Looking at all the 'walking football' videos around, non of which are actually true walking football is it perhaps time that we dropped the misleading and slightly embarrassing 'walking' tag and started referring to this game we play by what it really is, perhaps calling it 'Super Veterans' or some other catchy name ? Same rules, minimal or non contact etc but in which jogging is allowed (which is what 99% of players do anyway and realistically it's impossible for any ref to apply a 'one foot always in contact with the floor' definition to 12 different players at the same time ). This idea would free up those who really want to play true 'walking' football and so naturally self govern their movement to actually play the game as it was intended. I wonder if tomorrow all referees somehow magically started applying the walking rule to perfection ( as people seem to be wanting ) thereby effectively reducing the game to a slow version of the Barclays advert then would the games participation levels be dramatically reduced and would it, in all honestly be the game you want to play ?
  6. Yellow Cards

    Sorry i haven't seen this thread before, i did see the bizarre verbal attack aimed at me on the WFU website for voicing my opinions though, clearly something the so-called WFA or WFU does not see as acceptable if they don't align with their opinions. I was going to post about it at the time but decided that i didn't really need to respond as Steve Rich in his childish WFU post basically validated everything i had said and proved my point about his poor attitude beyond any shadow of a doubt. As i have said before, if this is the way the so-called WFA deals with fellow walking football players who have an opinion that they disagree with then i think they will slowly destroy any chance they have of ever getting off the ground and if they do get off the ground then they are going to have to deal with much bigger issues than some old guy voicing an opinion and i think it is clear that they don't have the mental capacity or professional attitude required to do that. In light of this incident and the other petulant antics i have seen displayed by Steve Rich and knowing he was involved with the FA over creating the new FA rules i can't help but wonder if he marched in to the meetings with his arrogant, narcissistic attitude on display and threw one of his tantrums when he realised he wasn't calling the shots and that the FA did not view him as the self appointed voice of walking football that he seems to think he is ? It is very clear that the so-called WFA has no material basis, not even a website ! or any forward planning in its conception so i am starting to think that perhaps it was just an ill conceived, knee jerk reaction to being ousted from the FA process due to his poor, unprofessional attitude which would in turn explain his bitter determination to undermine and deride the FA and it's rules at every opportunity such as this latest agenda driven amateur newsletter. This post will probably get me another mention on the Steve Rich personal blog so it will be interesting to see what insults he will aim in my direction this time for having the audacity to voice my opinion.
  7. Walking Football Contact Or Non-contact?

    Some good points raised and i am not going to go through each one making a counter, counter argument. The basic point i was trying to make is that, as difficult as it may be, finding and recruiting good referees is the answer to all the problems and as such i feel that this is where the focus of the so-called WFA, WFU and all the competition organisers should be and on that point GY Ancient Mariner should be applauded for trying to take positive action on the referee front. I played in the Peoples Cup and they did not use the FA rules and so, as has been stated, it should not be used as an example to judge the FA rules which i honestly believe are adequate for player safety and make for a much better game than the vague non-contact, except where contact is allowed, WFA/WFU rules. I feel however that getting a referee training course and qualification set up nationwide would be a huge, expensive undertaking that would need to be initiated by the FA and i am not sure they have the desire. However, there seems to now be quite a few well organised walking football clubs across the country, presumably run by sensible, dedicated people who understand the game. So how about an initiative to encourage each club to identify and train 2 of their own referees, these people could perhaps be players who don't play to a high enough standard for competition or have stopped playing due to injury or under age players but who have a desire to be involved in competitive walking football and are dedicated lovers of the sport. It could then be a requirement that to enter a competition each club has to provide the name of a competent referee willing to officiate on the day and then the competition organisers could choose however many they need and pay them a small fee for their time from the entry fee ? (I know this system works really well in other sports such as local ladies netball) There is also something else that may be worth consideration, as most entrants in competitions tend to be from the local area or county perhaps rather than governance from the controversial WFA what if each county could form a simple working group or association from the leaders of each club in that county that could guide and unify the sport locally, introduce initiatives such as the referee one and collaborate on forming leagues and running competitions ? Probably a bit like the County FA system but on a much smaller scale and dedicated to walking football.
  8. Walking Football Contact Or Non-contact?

    I could well be talking claptrap here but bear with me I personally feel that some of the clips used in that video are a little misleading and in my experience are not the norm in competitive walking football. I feel they are misleading and designed to shock and give the impression that they are how the game is usually played when in reality they in no way represent a player who was trying to stay within any minimal contact rule, they were cynical challenges and a zero contact rule or any other rule will never stop that type of cynical challenge being committed if a player sees the red mist regardless of the punishment. We also did not get any indication of what punishment was given to the players involved, so were they sent off, sin binned or did they go un punished ? If sent off or sin-binned then the rules are being applied as they should be and would be in a zero contact game and there is nothing further to add. So what of a zero contact rule and how would it work in practice ? In my view if the game is declared non-contact then by definition that is what it must be, zero contact, otherwise just like the minimal contact rule it is down to interpretation and basically, once there are exceptions and interpretation it effectively becomes a minimum contact rule doesn't it ? So in a zero contact game brush a players shirt, touch his hand or shorts and the whistle is blown and a free kick is given against you, add that to the constant whistle blowing for a player not having one foot on the ground or 'walking too fast' as i have seen it bizarrely stated and it will just become a farce where the only training needed by a team will be on taking indirect free kicks. Next how do we deal with the player who puts his arms out in front of him and just walks through a defence knowing that if you as much as touch him or try to tackle him from the side he screams "contact" and gets a free kick. How about accidentally brushing an opponents shirt or shorts 3 times in a 20 minute match and being sin binned or sent off ? Then how are we going to deal with the clumsy players with slow reactions, poor balance and poor coordination for whom clumsy late challenges, collisions and falling over are the norm ? Will they will be sent off within 5 minutes in every match. So what is the answer ? Well in my opinion a game with a minimal contact rule just like the FA has proposed with strong referees to apply the laws of the game consistently to ensure minimal contact is, as it says, minimal contact. The answer is not in nit picking over rules or creating wishy washy zero contact rules with exceptions like the WFU rules that can't be effectively enforced but in recruiting good referees and that is where all the focus and effort should be in my opinion. One other point to consider is that a zero contact rule and constant free kicks may force more players out of the sport than people realise, especially those under 60 who make up 50% of players apparently. Fundamentally people play competitive walking football because they love football and play to win as the word competitive implies, but if the game gets too far away from football with the competitive element removed by zero contact and constant free kicks will they still bother and is it fair to force them out ? Do us over 60's own the game ? Do older peoples bones really shatter at the first hint of physical contact as some would have us believe and if we fear they will should we be playing 'competitive' walking football in the first place ? Heavy challenges and over physicality must be removed from the game but It seems obvious to me that people are demanding zero contact as a sticky plaster to mask the problem of the minimal contact rule not being enforced and unsuitable referees. Get good referees in place enforcing sensible minimal contact rules and the problem is solved but bear in mind there will still be that player who sees red and decides he wants to try and break your leg and there is nothing you or any rules can do about that.
  9. Walking Football Contact Or Non-contact?

    "Having very recently come across some forum discussions on the aspect of tackling, I can’t help feeling that a lot of claptrap is being spoken about a non-contact format being unachievable." Well according to Steve Rich on the WFU site today (quote above) and so presumably the so-called WFA, those of you who dared to voice the opinion that a non-contact rule is not achievable are talking claptrap ! Not only that, you are apparently upsetting some little girl somewhere by condoning the physical abuse of her Grandad ! So there you have it, how dare you have an opinion and the front to voice it ! Yet another indication, to go along with the other personal insults and malevolence he regularly dishes out, of his poor attitude and how this 'democratic' so-called WFA Ltd Company of his will be run. I personally feel that to dismiss other peoples and players opinions with such arrogance and insults is disgusting and extremely foolish in his self proclaimed position and that this bizarre WFA Ltd Company's claim of authority over OUR game is a just a blatant, egotistical attempt to take personal control of OUR game with scant regard for what the players of the game actually want or the good of the game going forward. I can't help but wonder if it has ever even occurred to Steve Rich that in reality he is completely irrelevant or even that perhaps not everybody wants a non-contact game and are happy with a minimal contact rule or maybe he truly believes that we should just take his word for it that we are all idiots to be talked down to like children who should just accept that he knows best ! Since the closure of the forum on the WFU site (presumably because the owner did not want people expressing opinions that didn't match their own, i think they have a name for that ?) the WFU website has become nothing more than an amateurish, low quality personal blog, indulging in cheap sensationalism to make outlandish, unsubstantiated claims and is used to attempt to discredit the FA and its rules at every opportunity for the sole purpose of promoting the agenda of the so-called WFA Ltd and its owners and in doing so has lost all credibility and value in my view. From what i have seen so far i feel certain that if this so-called WFA Ltd (not for profit) company ever gets of the ground it will be nothing more than a dictatorship set up and run for the sole purpose of satisfying peoples egos and (by it's own admission on the WFU site) claiming large sums of public funding and affiliation fees with which to pay the directors a handsome salary with the odd platitude thrown out to the annoying walking footballers to create the impression that they have a voice. I conclusion, the FA have now released a sound set of rules which, if applied by a competent referee are perfectly adequate to ensure player safety and so the counter set of rules being touted by the so-called WFA and promoted via the WFU website, in my opinion, achieve nothing more than to deliberately destabilise and fracture the game when it needed unity through a definitive set of rules, which the FA has delivered. This is just my personal opinion but unlike Mr Rich i will accept and respect your right to disagree with it without resorting to personal insults.

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