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  1. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Seasider said ‘I am in the dark as to who or what the WFA actually is/are’ . Some of the posts in this thread have given us all a better idea. Thanks in the main to Gone2Pot, what we have learned is : The WFA have around 20 volunteers, at least 2 are female although apart from one or two individuals we do not know who these people are. Insults come very easily – demeaning comments on Andy Dyke, some of those that use this forum are ‘over-sensitive, patronizing and humourless individuals’ and one or two are ‘ignorant’. What would be useful to know remains unanswered and it has been asked repeatedly : How many clubs have affiliated to the WFA ? and What is the WFA’s budget for the development of WF ?
  2. TRA Back Pass Poll

    I don’t understand the point of and need for this poll. As Wiltshire has said the FA law on this are as he states which are the same as TRA ie, 2 different players must touch the ball following a pass or throughout from the keeper before it can be passed back to the keeper. Therefore it is only a poll of 1 or 2, but I am surprised this was put out there without checking the facts. That said why ? if the TRA is contemplating changing their rules they why not just ask the teams involved ? on the other hand if the TRA is expecting the FA to consider a change then it is unlikely they would do so on the findings so of such a poll, if it is the WFA that is the target for change then I would suggest the TRA contact the WFA who I would have thought would conduct their own research on the law. I find it interesting that the early publicity for the TRA stated that the WFA rules would be used when clearly they are not and that the CEO for TRA is the chief scout for the WFA England team too. The WFU/A have stated in relation to the rules ‘There should only be two sets.It is apparent that despite initiatives, organisors are still putting their own preferences in’. TRA I assume use a hybrid of the two rule sets and obviously fall into the later bracket.
  3. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Big Mac - Some good points but I am afraid I cannot agree with the last one. In theory it should be good for the game but given the organization of the WFA and previous communications, I cannot see that it would be, Kevin1862 – you are obviously proud of your involvement with the WFA and I wish you well in your role. That said were you not originally Fast Kev, if so then I think you should revisit some of your earlier post and the responses to them. If not then do take on board GY’s response. Gone2pot- The burning question not answered is how many clubs have affiliated to the WFA, GY guesses at 10 and I guess even less. It was never said that the WFA have no support but what was said is that they do not at this time have the backing of the majority. Sport England will want this information in order to be recognized as the NGB for WF, it will not be a question of them needing to disprove it, you will have to prove it and the only way you can do this is by showing affiliation numbers and growth figures. The FA do not have to do this as they are already accepted if not officially recognized as the NGB for all forms of football. If they were asked I am sure they would give affiliation figures but there is related information on this that is already accessible. In 2017, the Peoples cup involved some 200 entrants In 2017, the FLT competition involved some 80 entrants In 2017, there are 12 FA affiliated leagues, involving some 120 teams In 2017, the WFA had around 100 teams entered across the 50’s and 60’s tournaments combined I think this speaks for itself.
  4. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Sorry Gone2pot, but what you have said doesn’t really make sense. Clearly any association, sport or otherwise related, would have been originally established by a small group of individuals interested in the cause. Strictly speaking ‘No legal or statutory requirement’ is true but if neither the sport or the proposed NGB are recognized by or need to be recognized by Sport England or any other body then what is the point of declaring it. If there is ‘No legal requirement’ they why does ‘legally established not for profit company’ make the WFA an NGB. What’s important for the recognition as an NGB is the backing from the majority of the participants of the sport and that’s what the WFA do not have. Perhaps they will have one day but in the meantime they should stop this self-assumed declaration that they are.
  5. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Gone2Pot, believe what you want to believe but yes, perhaps you never read some of the scathing remarks that have been made towards some contributors to this forum.
  6. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Ok, if the FA called for the meeting as you say then it is even stranger. There are many good examples of NGBs that associations including the FA could learn from. The WFA isn’t one of them though ie a learning base or even a proper NGB.
  7. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Well, an interesting announcement and any sort of pro-active movement from the FA is very welcome but it’s been too a long time coming though. I do hope it proves worthwhile for those attending and that there are ample opportunities for healthy discussions and that it won't just be a presentation from the FA or as GY suggests gripes about the Peoples cup. I am going along too so I guess I will find out firsthand. Given the discussions GY mentions some months back and the topics covered that were covered I do wonder what else the FA really need to know before plans are made not to mention some actions taken. I had actually forgotten about the survey in 2016, what did come of that ? as an aside does anyone know how to access the results of that survey ? Finally, I note that the WFA have called for a meeting with the FA. Given the strong criticism and disparaging remarks they have made about the FA not to mention taking a vote on ‘fit for purpose’ , surprised the FA are going along with it or that the WFA feed the need. To be a fly on the wall at that one !!
  8. International appointments....

    Yes the affiliation is aimed at a club but i can see a situation where a club does not want to affiliate with all it then entails as it is of no real benefit to the club as a whole but do have an ambitious player that wants to go forward for selection. There needs to be some middle ground so both parties can pursue what they feel is appropriate.
  9. International appointments....

    Have a look the affiliation details on the WFA website, it states a benefit of affiliation is the ‘right to supply players to the national side’ and therefore the players would be from affiliated clubs. I would not expect that many clubs have affiliated to the WFA yet and therefore as you say most of the players nominated so far would not be from WFA affiliated clubs. That’s the situation now but the WFA affiliation benefits suggest it will be different going forward. It’s certainly not unreasonable for the WFA national team to involve only WFA members but perhaps a notional fee for WFA player affiliation would fit better as most clubs would only have a player or two to put forward.
  10. International appointments....

    I agree totally with the concerns expressed and I have a few others. Firstly, affiliation to the WFA permits a club to nominate a player for trials so presumably all selected players must come from WFA affiliated teams – is this a consequence or a design and is a rush to affiliate expected. Who will take part in the Euro’s , perhaps 6 countries at most, is it much different to one of the many tournaments played every week around the country and would it be anymore appealing to the unconnected spectator ? Who will they play before the planned Euro competition - Scotland, Wales, friendlies between themselves ? will all get a bit stale won’t it. Would they travel to Spain, Italy etc , can’t see that happening easily or often with the cost. Might it be that the representative teams start to enter tournaments around the country in order to get the games , if so then how might that pan out when over enthusiastic Eddie or physical Pete or wannabe Walter are in the opposing teams, what happens if they fail to win a game, loose a game or not win the tournaments ? It’s fraught with problems and until we have the basics sorted at grassroots level it really is running before walking.
  11. This news report on the WFU/A website is not backed up with any detail of what, where, who and that was the point I was making. Wiltshire if you say what is reported did happen then fair enough but had the report just mentioned the tournament upon which the comments are based then that would have been useful. I suppose I walked into it but as for my anonymity it is my choice and within the protocols of the walkingfootball.com site and perhaps there are good reasons why I and others do so. That said this has nothing to do with the validity of any opinion or questions or views that I may wish to express. The name and shame comment refers to this being suggested on the WFU site that this would be done so that tournament and festival organisers could decide whether such players or teams would be invited to take part in their events. Taking action is not easy but it some sort of action cannot be taken even if it is only a warning then how does the situation improve ? as for who does it then as has been suggested it is either the WFA or the FA according to which organization the teams are affiliated. If the teams are not affiliated then the only other options are to state which teams they are or simply not post such comments.
  12. It goes without saying that this type of conduct is not wanted in the game but my point is that this news or story is pointless, we do not know if when or where it happened or has it just been made up again to highlight what Steve Rich wants to say. I also recall the threat of name and shame, i am not a fan of this but if this really happened then those involved should be warned or reprimanded.
  13. ask john croot Referees

    The statement on the WFA twitter says The world's first ten qualified walking football referees - this is incorrect and it should state WFA qualified or accredited. There are many FA fully qualified referees across the country that have also had FA WF training and such a statement is an insult to them. It would be of interest to know the difference between the levels of WFA accreditation not to mention what did the course involve. If there are only 8 tournament referees qualified across the world then their availability would be interesting.
  14. The above is the latest headline on the WFU/A website. ‘Another weekend tournament somewhere around the country, another report of poor refereeing, disgraceful tackling’ Are we meant to guess who, what, where ? is it just a report from someone that played with or without an axe to grind, were there independent witnesses or does that not matter ? It’s not the League Champions cup is it ? or the TRA if it has started ? Is it real ? I suspect not.
  15. ask john croot Referees

    Well done for raising this and hopefully something will be organised, WF in the Manchester area is big so there must be many out there interested. You could contact Man City and the Greater Manchester League – send me a message and I’ll give you some contacts if you don’t have them. The WFA ran a national course at the weekend for just 10 refs, so 10 potential refs from Manchester seems much more productive. The FA level 1 and 2 model is firstly what’s required to be a referee and secondly the application of the rules of WF, rather than concentrating on the rules only this should give a referee a good grounding to enable them to handle any WF match whatever rules are employed. Please do post an update on how this goes.

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