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  1. I presume that the WFU/A message is in reaction to leagues and competitions not following the same rules, not the new FA rules and not the WFA ones either, as a hybrid or ‘stay as we are’ approach seems to be the norm. It may be local or venue dependent but more likely it is much deeper and that no one is comfortable with either of the rules that are being dictated to us in their entirety. The rules used at local sessions are exactly that, it is up to the participants how they want to play. In national tournaments that is a different matter but let’s face it we have all had to adapt to different rules since WF began, it is no big deal now as the difference is that the rules are much closer knit. It is quite right and proper that rule experiments are used at local tournaments otherwise how will we get to know what works and what doesn’t and how do we get to try out new ideas. It all needs some time to settle, evolve and perhaps this time next year it will be different , the rules in existence will no doubt have been amended where they need to be and as a result overall it will be more standardized.

    With respect, whilst it is quite clear that you favour the WFA rules the topic is ‘who are the real fa’ it is about the organisation and not about which playing rules are preferred. Start a new topic if that is what you want to debate.
  3. Can you tackle in walking football

    No I am not a fan of the 3 touch variant and I am not in favour of non-contact either as I feel it is unworkable and fundamentally I feel it has been hastily implemented to stop tackling from behind and over physical challenges which were never allowable anyway. I mentioned outlawing tackling altogether as surely this kills all issues completely, it was tongue in cheek but it is perhaps where the game will go unless some common sense prevails. It is interesting you mention ‘minimal’, as this is the way it was previously. Minimal is not non contact but it does cover accidental or the inevitable and it still means excessive contact is outlawed. In contrast, non contact means exactly that and is impractical.

    Fast Kev, the WFU is officially an independent website. It is run by Steve Rich who is a director and founder member of the WFA, thus the opinion expressed upon this website could hardly be deemed to be independent of that of the WFA. Ask yourself when has the WFU website queried let alone disagreed with anything from the WFA whilst in contrast it does frequently with the FA. The WFA website is not updated often it would seem but a newsletter is emailed out from the WFA and this is then quickly followed by the same news on the WFU website. It is perhaps a question of cost as to who reveals what, when and how with updates to the WFU website more easily and less costly achieved. It is quite pertinent to ask who the real WFA is, we all should be doing so. Alan, if you are not interested in the politics then why do you comment upon it ? there are plenty of other areas of this website in which you can and do contribute without it being political. Whether we like it or not the politics are important, of interest to many and affect all. It is not simply a question of rules it is much deeper, it is about who governs the WF game, who is involved, transparency in their appointment and conduct, will there be funding, where the funding comes from, what it is used for etc etc thus it does impact upon us all.
  5. Can you tackle in walking football

    Some contact is surely inevitable and unavoidable, it makes more sense for this to be minimal and controlled by referees. Tackling from behind is not ok at any level of the game and is controlled by referees, so why is outlawing contact the answer ? We might as well declare no tackling at all, play 3 touch and rely upon a stray pass as a means of obtaining possession.
  6. WFA news

    Well the new wfa website has finally been launched and to be fair it looks good and certainly more appealing that the WFU site but will both continue in tandem and is there any need to as they are run by the same people. Some appointments have been made to the WFA board and I am very surprised that such prominent figures have got involved given the backgrounds and antics of the WFA founders. Not yet scrutinized the site in it’s entirety but did notice much of the same self made claims. The affiliation packages are interesting as it would seem that entering two teams one in each of the 50’s and 60’s is cheaper than the full package that includes the entries of two teams. Over and above the tournament entries there is little on offer from the affiliation to appeal anyway, a discount with Mitre that’s already available on the WFU site and in any case if you shop around you will find suppliers of Mitre products at equivalent if not better prices. Will entry to the tournaments be possible without affiliation as had been stated before ? if not then isn’t the affiliation just a further smoke screen ?
  7. Where did this information come from ? how can any of the WF community at the age we are and health we have, be likely to commit to something 3 years from now ? that's before it is considered how such teams could possibly afford to come to England to play. What would it be a one or two day round robin ? Sorry but whilst this might seem a great concept it is a non-starter if not utter nonsense
  8. Collaboration ?

    Exactly, what was discussed etc given it affects participants. Why did it take a week to be revealed anyway ? perhaps it will be drip fed over the weeks ahead or more likely all isn't what it appears again. The claim for the players, run by the players - well shouldn't we all be informed
  9. Collaboration ?

    So a meeting has occurred between the FA and the WFA which is reported on the WFU/A website as being a positive discussion. I find this quite unbelievable as the two parties are polls apart in terms of organisation, attitude, focus and professionalism. The report mentions the focus was now on taking things forward progressively for the benefit of the game and it's participants. Surely this should now immediately start with one if not both parties actually telling the participants what this actually means - is this too much to ask ?.
  10. Overhead height from goal keeper

    Certainly no spectacle. Felt some sympathy for Ajax as it looked like Men v Boys, you could say Man Utd were sound defensively or despite their possession Ajax just couldn’t create anything – probably the later. I am not a fan but I am pleased they won and particularly so for the special one. Back to the thread – I had all but forgotten about backchat. Temporary ? it was around the turn of the year when it was taken down so quite some time now and long enough for the apparent improvements that were supposedly being made to be completed. It was a knee jerk response as it went down at the point in time when the WFA had just been launched, questions and criticisms were flying around without any answers coming back. If it was resurrected would anything change ? probably - I suspect a number of postings would be censored out and as for a debate or discussion , this is the WFU/A and it has not been the case so far. Perhaps the backchat has now had it’s day, a well presented, structured, easy to use but independent site such as this more than fills the void. In more general terms the WFU/A site looks old and is slow to load, perhaps it has also has had it’s day. What do people use the WFU/A site for now ? probably to see if beyond the latest FA criticisms and propaganda the WFA do actually have anything useful to report.
  11. Overhead height from goal keeper

    Having read the article again it does not actually say the ball goes over head height or what type of goal it is, it says rises up and loops over the prostrate keeper and drops down from just above the bar - so under WFA rules a goal could be correct and the inexperienced WFA ref could have passed with flying colours..
  12. Overhead height from goal keeper

    There is an argument that as it is walking football and supposedly a more gentle and safety conscious affair that players might jostle or clash whilst waiting for the ball to come down below head height and back into play. Only time will tell if that is a reality or not but a rule of giving it back to the keeper regardless is unfair and open to abuse. We should use the new FA rules, let them bed down for a while and then make judgement calls if they are not working or need improving. On another note what on earth is the WFA/FA handshake on the WFU/A website all about. I have noted on the website that in recent times there has been a calming of both the overt FA criticism and personal attacks on walking footballers but surely this has got to be propaganda again.
  13. Emergency First Aid

    Sorry to hear of another incident but very pleased to hear he is doing well and missing the game. I have seen 3 cardiac arrests, several dislocations and a number of lesser injuries and sadly i have come to expect it, it is not will it happen but when. Safety is paramount and perhaps we should collectively put together some guidelines , so as a starter here are 12 based on experiences : 1. A player register is a prerequisite containing names, dobs, two emergency contacts and essential medical information. Two contacts as the first number might be unavailable (has happened). Essential medical information, a bad back is not especially useful but had a heart transplant and a list of medications is (a true case). 2. A simple spreadsheet is sufficient , master held by a responsible member with a paper copy kept with the kit bag with the bibs ball etc. The kit bag is taken to all sessions etc and so is the player register. If the holder of the kit bag cannot make the session then it will be natural that the kit bag and register is passed onto someone who will be going. 3. As an aside, the player data capture form should contain a disclaimer statement. We all must endeavour to do things right and proper but as such we cannot be held individually responsible as we all ultimately play at our own risk. 4. Make sure that all players know whom is running the session and the first aiders in case they need help or just need to talk about their particular circumstances. 5. Take an extra special interest in any newcomers. We have all been there ie we get going again after many years of not playing. We over do it, get them to take it easy, it takes several weeks to get properly back into the game. 6. Take note of any regulars that appear or are behaving different to normal ie quiet, look pale, a bit slower than normal, look in pain etc, perhaps these are signs that something isn’t quite right. 7. Have at least 2 course attended first aiders as a precaution. Problem is what happens if they cannot make the session, it will happen but you cannot provision for too many more. 8. A trained first aider in the group is great but how will they react when a real situation occurs and let’s face it none of us know how we would react until something happens. It is understandable of course but i have seen a first aider go to pieces and panic. It is really important that everyone remains calm, reacts swiftly, positively but does not impede the aid. 9. Getting help from the experts at the venue and quickly is crucial. It is not just WF but any football and any sport so a venue should have a defibrillator, trained staff and a procedure to follow in the case of an emergency. If the venue doesn’t, then is there support very close by. In any case it is vital that this is all checked out. 10. Even though the venue may have adequate provision there can be a problem if the reception or contact point is out of view or some distance away from the pitches to the extent that receiving assistance might be delayed. Making contact and getting assistance quickly is most important. If staff patrol the venue then that is probably ok but if not then see if you can keep the venue’s two-way radio at pitch side. 11. Talk to the appropriate official at your venue regarding the safety provision and if you are not comfortable with it then discuss improvements or move elsewhere. 12. When taking part in a tournament at another venue, ask what the safety provision is and again if you are not comfortable with it then discuss improvements or don’t take part.
  14. Ingress, a penalty irrespective would be crystal clear and remove all ambiguity for sure. This is actually the new FA ruling but it is the WFU/A that throw in the greyness of intent or advantage. Yes , the politics are not of interest to a lot of players but they are neverless important and we must guard against a 'Del boy and Rodney' type of organisation dictating what is, what is not to be done and by whom.
  15. Of course,as the WFU/A do not have the resources or the initiatives to do anything else. Similarly he attended the Kent FA referees workshop and then proceeded to slam it. I suspect that he sees that the FA will simply overlook his criticisms and in the future collaborate with the WFU/A. Can't see it though and god help us all if they do.