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    WHO IS THE REAL WFA? The WFA is the National Governing Body for Walking Football in the United Kingdom - That was taken from their website at [Hidden Content] Their last entry was on [Hidden Content]2017/06/19/damian-collins-mp-joins-the-wfa-board/ which i believe was in June 2017? Maybe I am wrong? Am I wrong? But the WFU ---------- [Hidden Content] is announcing this week........ CHAIRMAN AND FOUNDER OF THE WORLD'S ONLY FOOTBALL UNIVERSITY JOINS THE WFA BOARD HEAD OF PR APPOINTED Nick Johnson REFEREE COURSE HAS ATTRACTED OVER 110 CANDIDATES ENGLAND MANAGERS ROLE ATTRACTS OVER A DOZEN MOTIVATED HOPEFULS ENGLAND AMASS OVER 65 PLAYERS - POTENTIAL TO INCLUDE A 60+ SIDE So who the blinking hell is / running the WFA website [Hidden Content] and why are they taking money and not posting this important information like [Hidden Content] is? Can anyone please enlighten us?
  2. Well that is my opinion and how I have read into the theme behind the article entitled THE FACTS REMAIN... on [Hidden Content] To quote - It is acknowledged that everyone would like to get behind the FA rules initiative. They are the determining force of football, but suffice to say: walking football is another game entirely, and if the rules are not entirely fit for purpose, don't use them.
  3. Hey all. What injuries have you had when playing walking football and how long did it take you to recover? I have strained my groin and it took a few weeks to clear
  4. Stop Press

    Maybe SR doesn't control WFU anymore otherwise posting this below is contradictory? None of this makes any sense anymore. Thankfully I dont feel so bad now. Cheers Steve for that at least?
  5. Stop Press

    Well said Scottie and Admin removed it for me because I am afraid I am a bit of a scardicat at my age. I really don't want the police after me which he was threatening me with and it could have caused my wife to have a heart attack if they knocked on our door. But you got him to reveal his true colors GY Ancient Mariner well done and it makes his attack on me look silly and yes unbelievable I will now sleep tonight after all.
  6. Stop Press

    The FA must have agreed to all of it as they have the website here now [Hidden Content]
  7. Stop Press

    sure we need to wait until tomorrow? hit this site [Hidden Content] something is going on
  8. Stop Press

    I assume the WFA is no more now?
  9. Stop Press

    Here is a screen shot I took. It does seem very strange
  10. Yellow Cards

    Got it GY thanks. OK I have 1 huge question. Why would we listen to [email protected] and [email protected] when they don't even have a website running which in turn makes me think they don't have a stead fast association plan running? Try loading their website www.thewfa.co.uk which their email address is on No privacy policy, no company profile, infact nothing. The WFA website does not exist but they are telling us what we should and should not be doing. I have never come across anything as unprofessional as this in all my life and I am far from being a young man anymore.
  11. Yellow Cards

    Would you be kind enough to post the details here for those of us that are deemed not worthy enough to receive it. Thank you in advance.
  12. WFA v FA Rules discussion thread

    Hi, Is there a comparision chart to the two sets of rules? If not do you have links to the latest amended rules for each? Thank you in advance
  13. 3 Touch Rule

    I was talking to someone over the weekend and they said that a 3 touch rule is going to be introduced. Anyone got any information about this and know if the 3 touch rule is definately going to be introduced?
  14. WFA referee certification

    It sounds like the WFA are attempting to take total control of waking football. I cannot see the FA being happy with this

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