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  1. Interview With Mark Davis

    Awesome interview an excellent advert for our game.
  2. walking football club Manchester City CITC WFC

    Updated information for Man City Walking Football Club. We run 2 sessions a week. Tuesday 12-1pm Friday 11am-12pm Both are held at the Football and Tennis Centre at the Etihad complex and are aimed at over 50's and those recovering from injury. The team will play home and away against other like minded teams. They also participate in tournaments. Recently they ran the Kingsmaid Cup featuring over 60 teams in 4 age specific tournaments. Next season sees then venturing abroad to host the Kingsmaid Europa Cup in Cambrils. A walking football tournament abroad organised for and by walking footballers. Interested contact Paul 07445553262 Etihad Complex Gate 6 off Alan Turing Way
  3. Which Of The Charlton Brothers Is Still Playing Football?

    It's not Jack or Bobby, as the question is being asked in here I assume the youngest brother is playing walking football, I don't know his name.
  4. fitness session City In The Community Walking Football

    Hi ref Lee no longer runs this contact is CITC I will get an email address tomorrow. Also this is a better picture. Link looks long but works. [Hidden Content]:
  5. ask john croot Referee

    Hoping to get an FA one organised in the Manchester area soon.
  6. The WFA Tournament Rules 2017 Quiz Challenge

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 57/100 My Time 157 seconds  
  7. ask john croot Cards

    Thanks Alan ordered from them yesterday Referee also spotted them. I got it wrong by only ordering 3. 97p each and £2.99 post. Mentioned it at City and should have probably ordered about 10 and paid the same postage.
  8. ask john croot Cards

    I may have spotted an opening in the market. I have been trying to find someone who supplies blue cards. Referees are going to need them for running offences. I can't see anywhere online that that supplies them do you all make your own.
  9. ask john croot Referees

    That is a matter of opinion and contradictions. All free kicks are direct. A free kick is a way of restarting the game after a stoppage but you can't score from the kick off which is a special free kick. The ball hits the keeper and goes above head height return the ball to tbe keeper. Why there's no need play on keep the game moving. You can score from anywhete on the pitch unless you are a keeper? Why? IMHO the Fan's rules are safer and allow the game to flow more easy.
  10. ask john croot Can You Use A Walking Stick Whilst Playing?

    Neither set of rules say you can use crutched/sticks but they don^t say you can^t IMHO Sso long as a players doesn't gain any advantage by using it then why should there be a problem. Using it to trip players etc should be treared worse than normal trippping I do know you can't use them to help you walk to and from your seat. Use the loos and other facilities at Old Trafford What idiots.
  11. ask john croot Referees

    Thanks for that I have 9 interested but I need to check if it is open to anyone and the other thing will the be is there a cost involved. Thanks for your offer of contacts I may take you up on it although I played a City for a couple of years and have the email list for the GM league. Now hoping to hear from Tom Elliot at MFA he is their referee development officer. From talks with the FA I think once again we are the pioneers. That would explain.why they are having to take it slowly.
  12. ask john croot Referees

    I have just spoken with Sven at Manchester FA they are trying to find a least 10 players to show interest in a walking football refereeing course. So far they have 4 Interested either let Manchester FA know or respond on here and can let them know the level of interest Is it worth posting this elsewhere as an appeal for interested people.
  13. ask john croot Referees

    Thanks I'll give Sven at Manchester FA a call.
  14. ask john croot Referees

    Hi John I am looking to get some accreditation as a referee having finally admitted the body can't take it anymore. I know the WFA were offering something. But would that mean using their rules. Is there an alternative. Paul
  15. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 88/100 My Time 110 seconds  

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