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  1. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 88/100 My Time 110 seconds  
  2. I have just packed the kit for tomorrow's tournament in Wythenshawe. Looking forward to it, 9.15 start to ensure I get a parking place I have been informed there is also a Morris Dancing comp taking place in the hall. Not sure if someone has watched us play and mistaken the sport. They are expecting lots of coaches. Good news the cafe is open from 9am selling full English Breakfasts. Closes at 11.30am. Closes for half an hour the n reopens selling Sunday Lunches all sounds very sophisticated. Not sure whether to wear kit or a suit and tie. Hopefully some photos and videos
  3. Poem wot someone wrote

    A few months ago whilst we were still Lifeline one of our members was inspired to write a poem. Members of one of our sessions took out time from playing to narrate the poem. [Hidden Content] Apologies the file won't upload and I don't know howto embed facebook videos.
  4. stay healthy FA Walking Football Warm Up Exercises

    Todays warm up nothing planned just off the cuff. [Hidden Content]
  5. stay healthy Football Warm Up Exercises

    I missed this thread but have responded to something similar HERE
  6. stay healthy FA Walking Football Warm Up Exercises

    To me this is the most important part of the session, if you are not prepared physically and mentally you run the risk of straining, pulling or damaging muscles ligaments etc. I have seen players who go straight on to the pitch and start blasting the ball about risking injury to not only themselves but others doing their own warm ups or setting the pitch up. I have heard all the excuses, no time, it's only walking football or I only play in goal. I have seen session leads come out onto the pitch and start doing static exercises with cold muscles. Even walking across the pitch will help to warm them up. You must start with dynamic stretches, walking , jogging. side stepping, lunges and opening/closing the gate are all good ways to warm up, Then do your static stretches. Try to make time at the end of the session to cool down. I realise a lot of us use facilities that we hire by the hour. Instead of standing waiting for the area to be clear find somewhere nearby even a corridor can be used to start your warm up. The warm up doesn't need by the same every week introduce drills using balls etc variety is the spice of life, How do you warm up? Share your warm up sessions or specific drills exercises that you find useful. I am sure someone will be grateful for your post, We all need to learn.
  7. Up for the Cup in Rochdale....

    Our team on the day.
  8. Up for the Cup in Rochdale....

    Hi Alan I will second your thoughts over the organisation of the tournament. The buffet when was the last time you had snowballs. We had a similar day to you drew with Rochdale the winners in a game we should have won, too many people running in their exuberance to get a winner. P4. W1 D3 L1. F3 A3
  9. until

    This is an excellent service provided by Walking Football. It contains all the information needed for those playing organising or looking to get into the game.
  10. Wythenshawe Walking Football Tournament Sunday July 16th 2017 We have attended these games and in particular the Walking Football tournament.for the past 3 years. The tournament is well organised and played in a friendly manner, not win at all costs matches. Entry is reasonably priced. The games happen mostly at Wythenshawe Park with of displays by local groups showing off their skills and talents. Manchester Community WFC will be holding our Thursday session as part of the games and will be in Wythenhawe Park on Thursday July 27th at 11am. Come along, watch the game being, join in, meet the leaders and find out where our sessions are held. Click the link below to see the poster. Poster Paul
  11. As from tomorrow Manchester Community WFC will be adding another session of walking football to our weekly calendar. The new session will take part every Monday morning 11am-12pm. Sessions are aimed at over 50's and those with medical problems. All our sessions aim to provide an enjoyable method in increasing one's fitness. Players of all abilities and fitness levels are welcome. Join us at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre 206 Portway Wythenshawe Manchester M22 1QW Meet around 10.45 wear whatever you find suitable and comfortable. Trainers of astro turf boots are advised, [Hidden Content] Paul
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 108 seconds  
  13. Up for the Cup in Rochdale....

    Alan Manchester Community WFC will be playing in our first tournament at Rochdale see you there.