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  1. *navel* gazing - nothing to do with the fleet...or even the fleet of foot Sorry - no edit function available,
  2. I can't be the only one fed up of this constant naval gazing and dreary contemplation? Just avoid the teams and tournaments you don't want to play (wherever possible) - or stick to your own by invitation events, internal sessions etc. I don't see Steve Rich as the oracle, nor do I have much faith in the F.A. either if I'm honest. The former is endlessly downbeat , and the latter has been found allegedly 'not fit for purpose' by the House of Commons hasn't it ? It's becoming obvious that leisure players aged sixty plus are unwise to mix with would-be-footballers of fifty odd, when an element of whom see this game as merely an extension of football and take the field with a win at all costs mentality. Let's look for the joy in this game, instead of endless carping and comparing.
  3. Pretty much the same as yours Mick to be honest. We have no plans to especially encourage women to take part, but that doesn't mean they'd be discouraged. In fact they would be welcomed. Both Tameside Striders and The Nash Amblers have a selective attitude to competitions, and we do place priority on our own sessions whenever possible. At Denton we now have over forty players registered - fortunately they have not yet all turned up on the same day. If we had as many at our other venue it would not present the same problems. So that's food for thought going forward. Over 60's and Over 65's in terms of competitions is the only way for us unless we suddenly attract an influx of younger players.
  4. From the album Tameside Striders

    A pleasure to Referee these men yesterday. Almost worth missing the game myself ! Our over 65's game at Denton - man on the left is in his eighties. Mutual respect and broad smiles the order of the day. 6-2 win and two good goals for the man in the middle of the pic
  5. Well, I doubt 'backchat' will be re-instated any time soon, do you? It would be good to see though. We NEVER learn anything from those who agree with us ALL of the time. Stern critics, naysayers and those merely with opposing - but valid, questioning - views must be tolerated by any organisation worth its salt. Until the WFU website offers a right of reply , I treat it as seriously as recent threats of lawsuits.
  6. Why respond? I've just seen the WFU home page - linking what's been said on some walking football forums to the kind of abuse received by some well known individuals in the public eye. Which from what I've read in the past included threats of rape, and even death ! Either I have missed something or we have an overreaction going on. It's clear that things are not quite right at WFU. The most credible, and helpful thing about the WFU/WFA is the rules they produced, which provide a handy template for the game we play...and play with others. Those rules may also produce a rather more civilised WFU/WFA national knock-out competition, in comparison to 'The People's Cup'. Beyond that, and a few interesting reads on their website, I can't see much that is relevant to our groups at this particular time.
  7. All getting very silly is this. Borderline pathetic, in fact.
  8. Found this little gem on youtube - 'Look at Life' <World Cup preparations>
  9. Almost every walking football video I come across now I see players running. Whatever the age category, whether competitive or friendly. Prompted to post after just seeing yet another video from Spain. I filmed one of our internal sessions just the other day (we didn't really have a Ref on this occasion) and we're at it too. I am borderline running myself sometimes (although just over a year ago I didn't have a run in me!). What's happening? This is not looking like 'walking football'. Are we kidding ourselves ? If you have a link to a game where players are walking - even a majority of the time - let's have it please.
  10. I very much regret that this planned 'fair play' mini-festival has been cancelled. Due largely to lack of response in the short time frame but also to issues between clubs who had responded, which came as a surprise to me. This is the second time I have had to withdraw details of a planned 'event'. I apologise for this, and it won't happen again. In truth, neither of them were my idea. I was tasked with drumming up support. Which, frankly is not an easy thing to do. Nor is it something I'll likely attempt again In future, under my stewardship, we will take part in other people's tournaments on a limited, and selective basis, and friendly games. Other 'extra curricular' activities will be in-house affairs between our two groups in Ashton-under-Lyne and Denton.
  11. Pleased to say Middleton Legends have joined Rochdale Strollers in joining in the fun at Curzon Ashton F.C. We may now look to add a team from Tameside Striders if we have enough in terms of numbers. Still room for more. Remember we're putting the emphasis on playing the game fairly and walking at the same time. Sometimes this is lost on our own players too and we need reminding.
  12. Food for thought. We have defibrillators at both venues but no recent first aid training. This is the third time in a fortnight I have heard of defib's being deployed, Twice with walking footballers, once with a much younger player. One case ended in a death, sadly.
  13. Pleased to report that Rochdale Strollers have accepted our invitation to the above ' end of season' celebration. So we have an event of sorts going on, for sure but for it to take a little more shape we need another team or two at least. Could it be you ?... must mention our 'no studs' policy - Astro trainers or dimple/pimple soles please - the surface is well worn 3g with plenty of traction - no need for studded boots. Sorry - I should have mentioned this before....
  14. Are you within an hour or so of Ashton -under-Lyne? The Nash Amblers parent club Curzon Ashton F.C. play in the Vanarama National League North. On Saturday April 29th we entertain Boston United in our final game of our 2016-2017 season. The game kicks off at 3-00pm. From 12 noon to 2-00pm we would like to invite other walking football teams, to take part in a series of 6-a-side exhibition games on our 3g training pitch. This is to celebrate walking football, and the success it has enjoyed under Curzon Ashton's encouragement and support. There will be NO playing costs involved on the day. Dressing rooms and shower facilities will be provided. The club has catering facilities in the form of a large snack bar which players may wish to take advantage of at personal cost to themselves. There is also 'The Nash Bar' where the same criteria will apply. We are looking for several teams to join us and take part in this end of season festival in celebration of our game. The exact format will follow but everyone should get at least an hour of walking football on the day. There will be a trophy on offer for the most sporting team and the one which plays the game in the right WALKING, and MINIMAL CONTACT way. Judged by adjudicators - including an experienced WF Referee - In the interests of fairness and neutrality The Nash Amblers will not qualify for this award. Following the walking football , ALL players from ALL teams are invited to watch the first team game Curzon v. Boston United as guests of the club free of charge inside Tameside Stadium. A good chance to see non-league football at this level. Standing or seated. There will be a walking football feature in the match programme (£2.50) and all teams taking part will of course get some exposure. Our thinking is to award a trophy not to the most successful team on the day in terms of results, but to the most sporting side who play in the correct way and WALK when they are playing the game, is novel, and in keeping with the essence of this game. Please email [email protected] to register interest. We need a minimum of four other teams to make this work.