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  1. Photographic Services

    Some brilliant action shots Simon. Tells me I need a new camera. Thinking of a £500 Panasonic Bridge - wondering if that'll cut the mustard? You must have some expensive hardware.
  2. league National League

    With some 900 clubs/groups out there I'm not sure how the winners of a league of twenty odd could regard themselves as 'national champions' but if it makes them feel good so be it. I never wanted to be 'the best in the world' ...just as well really as others will attest :-) I've always been known for a sense of realism and that's why I have reservations about the format. That said , it's nothing to do with me so I'll leave this thread and see how you/they get on with it. As I've said before...Good Luck.
  3. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 77/100 My Time 96 seconds  
  4. league TRA Walking Football National League

    I hope it works for you, and more importantly for the players. I appreciate your reply but for myself I'll be happy to follow your progress online. Such a competition is not really appropriate for our group/s at this stage in our development but if a non-contact game to WFA rules can be achieved in such a format then I'll be happily surprised. As I said initially, Good Luck.
  5. league National League

    'We' are some of the voices behind walking football and some of the people who make it work, and want it to work. I commented elsewhere that to launch a non-contact league with cash prizes seems a dubious concept to me. If the demand really IS there then this will go ahead and good luck with it, but in common with others here it's that last thing our group would be looking for. To professionalise this game would be a massive own goal in my opinion. By all means offer impressive trophies or bundles of kit/equipment as prizes, but money will distort attitudes in my humble opinion.
  6. Interview With Taff Lovesey

    An enjoyable read, and I agree with many of the sentiments expressed. Particularly around competitions and physicality. The running thing is very difficult to suppress and you're right the contact issues are more important...but when you get increased physicality and contact combined with more speed that's when the really serious injuries will begin to mount up. Good luck in your walking football future.
  7. league TRA Walking Football National League

    "Non-contact" ? with cash prizes ? Good Luck. It sounds ambitious with up to about £8k raised...also sounds a little unlikely (22teams?). It's all too much for us, and we don't name ourselves after a long established football club as some entrants might, but thanks for sharing the news. Which rule code by the way? An important question...must be the WFA I guess...or will there be 'tweaks'. Will follow developments via this forum I hope.
  8. You are the Referee

    Opinion is divided elsewhere. I have slowed it down and by the current definition he is walking. Just goes to show how very difficult this game is to officiate accurately. In fact it's probably not far from impossible to get it right every time.
  9. You are the Referee

    I hope this works. Tried to do it in a poll format but couldn't. You are the Referee here, check out the very short video. Is the goalscorer running...or not ? running.mpg
  10. The Nash Amblers

    The Nash Amblers play at Curzon Ashton F.C. who subsidise the walking football sessions. Monday and Friday's. 07387 174934 for details.
  11. Walking Football United Clarify WF Rules Of The Game

    Quite so Scottie. I received an email this very week. (The chances of me playing in, or Refereeing a game abroad are extremely remote but looked what's happening to a team called 'Man City' and others planning a walking football tournament in Spain....) it included this paragraph... "Arrive Thursday, play Friday & Sunday. Monday offers the choice of going home, staying and relaxing or playing in a further 1-day tournament. If you stay Monday then you leave Tuesday. All games will be refereed to FA Walking Football Rules (with the odd tweak, or tweaks to reduce the physical contact and to make sure it is WALKING FOOTBALL. "
  12. Interview With Chris Bird

    I enjoyed reading that Chris. Answers 2, 8 and 16 in particular, resonated here. Good Luck in the future, maybe we can get over for a friendly game sometime.
  13. Enjoyable tournament. The rain hammered down at times but we persevered as much as possible. Mixed fortunes for our team losing three on the bounce then a good win and a draw to finish. We had a good day at Heywood. The organisers deserve credit for implementing a Plan B when the weather finally got the upper hand. Made some friends on the day and the games had a friendly, sporting element about them. Maybe it was the adversity of the weather that engendered an 'all in it together' attitude, whatever it was all tournaments should be played like this.

    I think that's the cue. Life's too short.