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  1. ask john croot

    Gosh. I hope not. We don't need our own pyramid. Walking Football is a fun thing first and foremost. I think trying to turn it into something else that smacks of elitism would be a huge mistake. It's not football. Let's not treat it as such. Some people clearly revel in a bit of success , in winning pots and trophies and that's all very well. Ultimately though, this mind-set WOULD lead to transfer fees and bungs. I hope it doesn't happen on our generations watch.
  2. From the album Tameside Striders

  3. From the album Tameside Striders

  4. From the album Tameside Striders

    4-2 win for 'The Orange'
  5. From the album Tameside Striders

  6. Well done all, and to Vintage Celtic for winning.
  7. Good Luck with them Jeff - understand you had some success in a tournament the other day too. I have a friend in Brittany who has tried the game but unfortunately its aggravated some injuries. I was out there last October and given the amount of ex-pats of a certain age the potential for the game is huge - if you can get sufficient French people interested too it would be brilliant. Travelling to Europe - even as close as France is not really on our agenda at the moment but might be in the future. Who knows? Will keep a close eye on developments online, both here, and via your Brittany Facebook WF group. Alan <TheNashAmblers&TamesideStriders>
  8. Nice strip Paul. I think you must have played Rochdale Striders. Re-watching some of the games we did OK really. Taking part is more important than winning but of course it's all the more enjoyable if you can. (I would imagine - for now, 'imagining' will have to do ) The younger Referee (Matt , I think) has an excellent eye for running, and contact. One of the best we have encountered. There's a link to some photo's on our website, linked below. <TamesideStridersNews>
  9. We had a disappointing day but never mind. Losing out to the eventual winners and their opponents in the final. We played four games, winning just one and drawing another. Goals are at a premium in these games it seems. We competed , conceding only two goals but lacked punch and invention up front. It can be quite intense out there, but as an inclusive group we make sure everyone gets game time . <ourstory> Credit the organisers from Link4Life, the great facilities at Heywood Sports Village, and of course congratulations to the winners (on penalties) Rochdale Strollers - below
  10. unisex

    Please let us know if you fancy a friendly 'friendly' on a Monday morning in Ashton-U-Lyne in autumn/winter. Good luck with your Saturday session.
  11. We're highly likely to adopt this longer term at Tameside Striders as we 've been experimenting with it internally of late. It's added a new dimension to games. As well as punishing runners and making them feel just a bit sheepish, it adds a little drama (for want of a better word) . Many of our games are low scoring affairs, and we've had a couple of games decided by these 'pens' , we've had a couple missed, saved and re-taken. Obviously just an internal thing but feedback has included the thought that such a rule might be adopted nationally , to take the spring out of some players steps. It will slow people down at Denton, just needs a little more time. Any views?
  12. Absolutely Paul - seems there will be two groups of five teams as things stand. Look forward to seeing you, either in the 'group games' or later stages....who knows :-)
  13. Excitement mounts east of Manchester as Tameside Striders look forward to only their second experience of competitive walking football. After a reasonable performance, but disappointing experience in the 'People's Cup' we now relish the Rochdale Over 65's Knockout Cup at Heywood Sports village on Friday June 9th. We have high hopes, and trust in the organisers that this will be a very different kettle of fish. Our experiences at the venue with 'The Nash Amblers' have been positive. Refereeing standards are good. The venue is magnificent and overall the general spirit first class. We enter to take part, and any success would be a surprising bonus. It's remarkable to see a bunch of basically O.A.P's (I'm 66 myself, and desperate to get fit after a foot injury) relishing the challenge of a knockout competition in a game that resembles football. We look forward to seeing some familiar faces on the day and here's to a great competition. Upbeat posts on this forum about this great new game can be hard to find. I just thought I'd chuck this one in.
  14. I hope we can repeat the home and away Monday friendly games of 2016/2017 sometime in the autumn or winter. Tameside Striders The Nash Amblers Cheers - Alan