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  1. Bagsy not Goalie

    We have the local walking football equivalent of Lev Yashin but unfortunately he has sustained a shoulder injury which compromises his future in the game. He is now playing outfield and looks to Refereeing to maintain his involvement - he's almost as good a Ref as he is a 'keeper. Happily we have two others who love it between the sticks and they are great shot-stoppers. What is more they seem to enjoy it. We also have another - who will assume the role if pressed, but he is very good outfield too. It's not a position I am any good at apart from blocking with my feet , legs and hands - no diving from me I'm afraid. We have just ordered a set of Samba aluminium goals (£330) for a new session of Over 65 men Over 50 women...without 'keepers...we will see how they go.
  2. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    Passing to another player is not 'scoring from the kick off' though, is it? And grammatical errors are details which should and would have been spotted by a serious and thoughtful compiler. Thanks for your good wishes, I'd be pleased to keep you informed of what's happening around here. The wider the consultation the better for all of us in the Manchester area....and beyond. You take the game seriously and are a student of it. Dialogue with you is always worthwhile GY.
  3. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    If you are in the Manchester area 'Cudda' drop me a line with your name and club please - [email protected] Likewise other people who may wish to take part - we are halfway to getting a minimum of twelve names required. I would imagine that accreditation would only apply to this area as things stand but cannot confirm that at the moment. This area is our prime concern to be honest. We seldom go further afield and if we do it would probably be for a friendly games where rules could be agreed upon beforehand. We are very happy to continue playing in the GMWF league and knockout cups under the WFA rules that the competition applies. For the local area, establishing a larger 'pool' of Referees who have attended courses and 'qualified' for walking football can only be a good thing. Our group would hope that's a positive for everyone involved in the game. GY I understand your concerns. It was explained to us the the Laws of the Game are different to competition 'rules' . As such we hope to consult with others who play in this area throughout December and get some kind of consensus with which we can carry into the course. There are a few subtle differences to iron out but the main thing is this will be a non-contact code. One anomaly in the FA rules I picked up on was you can score direct from the kick off !! This is encouraging force from the very start and you tell me how a walking player can generate enough power on the ball to hope to score from the half way line ? Also the FA Rules states" the run up for a penalty must not exceed one step". Bizarre in my opinion, and indicative of a lack of thought nationally. I'd ask all groups or clubs in this area to consider this as an opportunity to bring some harmony locally and perhaps show a way forward. We are also planning to affiliate to the WFA when my co-treasurer returns from holidays - two signatories required on cheques. One organisation is not mutually exclusive to the other. We are already affiliated to the FA and I hope some good can come from the planned meeting of both bodies.
  4. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    Garry Pearce and myself attended another meeting at Manchester County F.A. today. This had been arranged prior to Andy Dyke's consultation evening and went ahead as planned. Indeed, Andy had encouraged local dialogue - each county F.A has a measure of autonomy, so this latest meeting was very fortuitous. We met with Sarah Venning (Community Development Officer) and Tom Elliot (Referee Development Officer). We put forward our doubts about the F.A. rules and our preference for the W.F.A. version. It soon became clear that we were talking to people who were listening. What transpired has implications for walking football in this area. Tom is offering to put together an eight hour course which will train, accredit, certify and badge F.A. Walking Football Referees to the rules that the majority of us wish to play. Primarily a non-contact game, and other more subtle differences that have proved a sticking point, and are causing division in the game. Although I cannot go into full detail just yet, (venue and times etc.) this will probably take place in January. There may be a very modest cost to participants, for venue hire. We need 12 applicants and we can provide about five from our own ranks. Other places are open to those locally, who are interested We urge all interested groups and clubs local to Manchester, and falling within the boundaries of the County F.A. (or very close) to consider this opportunity and to be willing to input their preferences for our walking game when that opportunity arises. This is a good chance to boost the number of Referees from within the ranks of those already committed to the game. Hopefully, other County F.A.'s might be encouraged to offer a similar initiative soon if they are approached and the need is emphasised.
  5. Just wondering

    You'd need a very disciplined set of walkers in my view. The Japanese and Chinese might be good, and any Ladies team...not sure about the rest though Can't see it in my lifetime lol. Can't see too many more Olympics to be fair....
  6. Very much looking forward to it as are our players. The Nash Amblers and Bees both had a much better time of it last month and as such both are vying for a measure of success. It can be a roller coaster though and margins are tight so we'll see. Goals are extremely hard to come by, and once you go behind there's not much time to get back in it. Hoping winter weather will behave itself and we can all have a great day as this well organised competition reaches a climax. Thanks for your efforts in getting the fixtures out well in advance.
  7. ask john croot Referee

    Thanks Mark...we have four players all very interested, including myself. All waiting expectantly - we can probably even find a local venue for reasonable cost if required. A couple of these guys would make outstanding Referees. (not me I should add)...but I'd hope to be competent.
  8. ask john croot Referee

    I 'd welcome Referee's courses from either body, but having just re-read the FA rules ahead of a meeting in Manchester next week. I see NO mention of 'minimal' contact. Just a need to avoid 'recklessness, carelessness and excessive force'. Am I not looking in the right/wrong place? I suggest they have not given this an awful lot of thought....a conclusion backed up in the section on penalties 'The "run up" must not exceed one step'

    My interpretation: When Refereeing I ask the player quietly which foot is he going to strike the ball with? Then I tell him that once the whistle blows the next thing the striking foot touches is the ball - otherwise it's an illegal penalty. An amazing number of players take a tiny (microstep) backwards with the kicking foot in order to shift/adjust their weight. In my opinion this is against the rule and becomes 1.2 steps. When taking (I took number 2) I have taken to standing right next to the ball and toe bunging the ball to get power. So far it's roughly a 50-50 conversion rate but most are on target. Toe bung is not great technique and direction can be pot luck, but that's the only way I can get anything like power with just one step.
  10. Walking Football United Clarify WF Rules Of The Game

    The 'hybrid' surfaced today not knocking it - how can I when a majority saw it for what it was. A good game of football for older men who haven't played football for years! There aren't THAT many walking football evangelists around here, we MUST face it, most players just want a decent game. They got one today, they usually do. I'm beginning to think it's me that's out of step....but then I think of "OVER 65" game once a week, ....ahhh, and only three and a half years until Over 70 !! ?? <details>
  11. Walking Football United Clarify WF Rules Of The Game

    We are attending Manchester F.A. again on Monday afternoon to discuss why we prefer the WFA rules. It's important to have dialogue at local level alongside the national consultation as County F.A.'s have a lot of autonomy. We were invited to attend before the national consultation was announced. As discussed the other night there is a hybrid game (my term) developing where some players (not necessarily age related) cannot suppress their urge to run, but don't expect to be tackled in the conventional sense. A sort of cake and eat it approach in my personal view. Maybe the real need here is for THAT game to get a set of rules of its own and divorce itself from the walking game altogether leaving it to the comparatively more sedate and risk aware. Such a scenario was supported on Tuesday night by committed people who cater for all types of player. For me , our group cannot have brisk fifty somethings playing minimal contact against slower octogenarians and septuagenarians, it is just not a good idea. We separate them whenever possible but at times they share the same pitch.
  12. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Gone2pot your term directed at Andy Dyke was demeaning and you know it. I don't care what opinion you form of myself, but if you are officially representative of the Walking Football Association' we need to know. "Over sensitive, patronising and humourless" ? Oh no! I've been called a lot of things on the internet these twenty years. I can now add those to the collection.
  13. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I recall from the (good) film they put together that Mrs. Rich is involved in some capacity.
  14. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Gone2pot or whatever your NAME is, I thought the remarks about 'organ grinders' and 'monkeys' were out of order. They are in fact indicative of a dismissive mindset within some of the proponents of the WFA who do not know how to handle opposition, or even mild criticism. I still have an open mind on the WFA/FA divide...the former has come up with a good set of rules we can work with , but nothing much else. When we finally opt for one or the other maturity of mind, and of presentation will play a part. Credit the F.A. with engaging the walking football 'community' and if you are one of the 'volunteers' you mention you might need to learn the art of diplomacy at some point. Coming out from behind a cloak of anonymity might show the rest of us that you're out of the 'dark' yourself.
  15. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Andy said the F.A.'s approach was 'evolving' I told him it needed to 'evolve quickly'. I've reported on the night elsewhere but like you Gy I won't go into detail here for the sake of those attending forthcoming consultations. Andy is certainly getting around the country. The initiative is a good one, the F.A's man presenting it is receptive and friendly. If you get the chance to attend, don't hesitate.

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