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  1. league National League

    TRA Contact Number 07842 883668
  2. league National League

    Left Foot have you really read the MR Rice's interview? I don't think you have i have read it my self and think you need to go to speck services.before coming on to the forums and putting rubbish at least do your home work.Let me say this i am 40 years of age and i play walking football and also i am my club secretary too and i really enjoy the game so to say why is Mr Rice playing well we will get to that in a min but i most say this some teams start there teams of at 35 mine is one of them and we have equal numbers of ages enough to have a over 40 and over 50 and close to having a over 35 too and also i disability team too so age should have nothing to do with it. so going back to Mr Rice in his interview he has never once said in words that he plays if you read the first three questions he clearly says he is the coach and the coordinate of the his walking football club's so you got that wrong. Next since when has the WFA been a private Business is it not the governing body of walking football? TRA Romford i do believe are a walking football team not a business but are wanting to do a national league hence a giant league/competitive for the UK Terry and is wife are working really hard to grow the game of walking football but all you lot same to be missing the point its about playing in a league yes there is a prize pot what is wrong with that nothing and how can one team call them self national champions if you don't play teams in the north or south east or west walking football is growing very fast and all TRA are doing in growing the game with the backing of the WFU, every team entered in the league all play in local leagues and tournaments you look at the list do your research. so moving on to my next point the post before what i ment is that some teams are at the stage of development and have the sides ready to play in such a league were others have not reached this point yet or just to scared to enter but once again missing the point its about playing the game its about wanting to trying something new weather your team is good bad or dam right amazing the league is for all i wish i could play in this i cant sadly but once i reach the age i will. i most point out the this league is for all pro teams local sides and any other side at any level so please if you are not happy about what TRA are trying to do give Terry a ring and have a chat with him instead of hiding be hide a keyboard moaning and having the wrong information....One more thing TRA sessions are 1 hour and mins long and £5.00 pounds per person which is not bad as most are £3 or £4 pound per session per hour so once again Wrong so come on guys stop moaning enter the league and or are to scared ps i have nothing to do with TRA in case someone asks but after talking to terry and what he has planned i wish i could be part of it. its not about money for him its about football 24 teams and counting goals involved and holding the leagues and much more to come WFU backing too am sick of people slagging of a great idea digging holes in what he is trying to do like i said ring him he will tell you everything you need to know.
  3. I just completed this quiz. My Score 44/100 My Time 108 seconds  
  4. league National League

    The National League is a great thing to happen its the next step in the right direction some clubs are ready others are not. the south seems to be more up for it at the moment but am sure the teams in the north some of them the best teams in the UK will join ie Sheffield Falcons And Man City on broad am sure the others will not be far behind. Professionalise i never seen or heard them say that they are making it professionalise I don't believe any walking football teams are pros, all there are trying to do is make a big league for anybody who wants to go in it and for me this is a good idea as for the prize money its OK to offer kits balls etc but that is what the prize money should be for if you are lucky enough to win some i don't see how it would make peoples attitudes distort for me its about been the best in the land and been National Champions if the money was millions then i may agree with you but a 1000 pounds spilt between 10 or more players is not going to get people going over the top to win. its about been the best and each and everyone of us wanted to be the best footballer in the world and play for the best and its the same now we all still want to play and win but not everyone is like this i understand it i play for fitness the leagues etc come second. but non - contact is what it says on the tin. but the demand is there 24 teams and counting has to say something i read have read all the comments and i believe once the league is up and running it will only get bigger. A couple of people on here have a problem with this but have any of you even talked to them. i have and they have big plans for the future. I understand everyone has there opinions but all i ask your self's is to do is speck to them first.
  5. You are the Referee

    I would probably say that is more a fast walk than running or speed walking and in all fairness if you look at all the other players around him, even the defending team they are all doing exactly the same, so in my opinion the goal should stand and what we see on the video should be accepted in walking football as it is more like speed walking than running
  6. ask john croot Head height

    There is no heading of the ball at all. head height on most pitches there is normally a line round it but I know from the same thing happening to me you cant head the ball weather its below the line or not. you could have ducked out the way and let the player in our heading the ball and giving them a free kick was your best option.
  7. Interview With Mick Hill

    Great interview Mick and I agree with yourself we all need to open the age groups )
  8. Project will expire in 2 years and 3 months

    Middlesbrough Football Fans In Training (F.F.I.T), urgently require any business in the UK to help sponsor our newly formed Walking Football Team. We currently have over 30 members in our walking football team from ages 35 to 65, and we encourage all ages and disabilities to pop down and join in the fun, whilst being a fun sport, it also helps people across Teesside to lead a healthier lifestyle and shed a few pounds at the same time. Over the past 12 months we have grown the sport on Teesside and currently have 2 walking football teams at the foundation, which has enabled us to enter some prestigious tournaments around the UK, and the teams have reached 3 finals and a semi final in 3 attempts so far. Our aim and goals over the next couple of years is to grow the foundation to be the largest in the area, and our long term goal is to be the largest based walking football establishment in the whole of the UK. Playing from the prestigious MFC Foundation in Eston Middlesbrough, we have everything in place to host big events, including national competitions, as well as charity and fun events. The facilities include a state of the art 3G indoor and outdoor pitches and floodlit outdoor grass pitches, ample parking facilities, and a great team in place at the foundation to make this happen. But as you may well be aware, this takes funding to keep this going, and for us to continue to grow as a team at the foundation and be the biggest and the best in the UK we would love a sponsor on board to make this happen. We desperately need funding for new kits for our ever growing teams, for balls, entrance fees into tournaments and travelling expenses to make our dreams and the dream of the Teesside people who participate in the foundation to come true. In return we can add your business name to any new kits and stationary as well as all media sources when promoting our events and team achievements. All donations are very much welcome, big or small, we will leave that up to you!! Please help us grow this very popular sport that is only going to get bigger and bigger over the next few years, with some huge exposure for the game planned with an up and coming England Walking Football Team on the horizon, and who knows, maybe us here at the foundation may well have one or 2 England players in that team in the future, we certainly have some stars in the making!! We will be in touch with anyone who donates to discuss the way forward that is best for there business to put them in the limelight along with ourselves. Thanks for reading from all the team at Middlesbrough (FFIT) Football Fans In Training Below is some photos of the recent events we have entered, including the Bobby Moore Fund (Runners Up) MFC Foundation F.F.I.T Walking Football Events
  9. Hi at many tournaments,friendly games and even at different clubs training the rules are different and its having a affect on how teams play so please could you tell me which rules are the ones all teams and tournaments should be following thanks
  10. Middlesbrough Walking Football Fans In Training Invite you to The First Annual Walking Football Tournament 2017. A 6 - Side Tournament for over 50s 60s and Ladies Teams, To be held at Herlingshaw Centre TS6 9AE from 10am till 4pm on Saturday August the 5th 2017. Enter is £45 per team hope to see you there. For more information please contact Monty Towers on 07981 282949 or Email: [email protected]
  11. Hi we are FFIT Walking football club Middlesbrough. we training at Herlingshaw centre on at Sunday night 6 till 7 pm everyweek we have about 30 members and growing each week. We were runners up in the derby tournament just held at the weekend. We are new club that was made from people from the football fans in training courses help at MFC please come say hello you can find us at [Hidden Content] or come say hello on Facebook

    This is a cross post from a topic: FFIT WALKING FOOTBALL MIDDLESBROUGH Hi we are FFIT Walking football club Middlesbrough. we training at Herlingshaw centre on at Sunday night 6 till 7 pm everyweek we have about 30 members and growing each week. We were runners up in the derby tournament just held at the weekend. We are new club that was made from people from the football fans in training courses help at MFC please come say hello you can find us at https://ffitwalkingfootball.wixsite.com/website or come say hello on Facebook

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