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    I had a quick check through the sessions as listed on this website the other day - there were over 120 - if they averaged 16 people to each that's nearly 2000 enjoying WF on one day . I can't see the WFA/WFU talking about anything other than Competitions and Tournaments - as GY says WF sits well with the FA under their Recreational Group. Would love to see the FA sort an 'offer' for the majority of participants who play as a recreational activity. Can also assure you that all the guys that come to our sessions (whatever their age) will tell you to a man they are playing football.
  2. ask john croot WFA

    Personally John have always found our County (Bedfordshire) very supportive and fairly certain they like us and the others around our County. From other groups I know a number of other Counties treat it with the same importance. Without doubt the problem seems to be consistency in the importance of Walking Football across all County FAs. Did a bit of a trawl round and it does seem to vary considerably - even basic details of sessions .......... some very easy to find (on Beds FA website comes up on front page) some you have to search around to find. Did find one County offering grants of £150 to start up sessions! Also most Counties do have a section for funding advice and a name to contact. The more demands we all make of the Counties the more WF will rise up their priorities. Don't think it's just about money. There are many different sessions available - with Tournaments (competitive & friendly), Leagues and Recreational WF so that all needs to be covered by any Governing Body only see the WFA pushing their own National Tournaments and associated competitions.
  3. ask john croot WFA

    Don't see it John. Whilst I agree the FA may have been behind the curve - there are numerous people round the Country who have a passion for WF giving their time for free trying to develop the game. Much of it is in conjunction and with the support of their respective County FAs. Certainly many County FAs are looking at affiliation packages and referee training courses all under the FA. Certainly wouldn't say they are the ones grabbing land.
  4. ask john croot Walking Football Player Transfer Fees

    Have to say it would be a sad reflection on how the game has developed if it got to that point - even if people gathered better players together to go 'pot hunting'. Thankfully the vast majority enjoy a day/night out kicking a ball in a recreational session. Sincerely hope the tail never wags the dog!
  5. Emergency First Aid

    Just a couple of thoughts to add. We use independent facilities so don't have anyone else on site. Have tried to equip ourselves with as much info as possible to hand - details of relevant postcodes for place identifications and available de fib machines nearby (as said before good number of us have done FA Emergency Aid course). We do keep a separate Medical Form with us so if anything did happen we could give that to the Emergency Services for reference. It does look best policy is to have everyone fill one in even if they claim they are fit and healthy (we've had people say along the lines - I'm diabetic and take blood pressure tablets ............ you don't need a form for that do you?) and do that every six months - to keep up to date
  6. until
    Gentle afternoon WF sessions on grass - only astros or trainers please £3 per session (no session on Thursday 1st June) Please email [email protected] for more info
  7. Why do people play 3 touch ????

    May be difficult to use in Competitive WF but works really well for our recreational sessions - so to answer Wiltshire 1 - Lots of WF is different - no over head height, cages, futsal balls - this is just something else 2 - Could I suggest Barcelona? 3 - Think it actually stops people running so much - can understand closing down - but does over time improve touch and vision 4 - Think it helps people - doesn't over complicate 5 - Not our experience - does stop bigger quicker players dominating 6 - Don't think it does - people can still show there skills 7 - Doesn't work like that - invariably the player knows he has taken too many touches ...... if he doesn't the others will very quickly point it out We have been using it for a year (cribbed from Grimsby) gone down well with many positive comments - only one voice of dissension out of best part of 100 blokes. Sure the skill levels have improved has had the general standard of play ............... perhaps our pass and move play will pay dividends in Birmingham tomorrow
  8. Priorities

    GA - would share those priorities in Bedford. Would also like to see a level of consistency in how we all achieve those priorities. The FA have their Charter Standard - can/should there be a similar idea for WF giving a standard for how things are delivered/run behind the scenes too?
  9. Emergency First Aid

    Hope he continues to improve GA. 6 of us done FA Emergency Aid - few of the others have done first aid for work - also have a GP who comes regularly to one of our sessions. Don't have defib on site but locally know where they are - also have medical forms for the guys ........ just doing a bit of a review on those. As Wilts says - highlights the importance!!
  10. The People's Cup

    Feel a bit like a stuck record. Can only speak well of the interest and support of our Beds FA Recreational Officer(s) and their interest and support of our WF sessions. They too are looking at a County WF meeting. I'm sure the FA have a handle on WF although it won't be their top priority. As GA said they did a lot of work last year with the survey (they actually sent a Researcher to one of our sessions to interview us and the guys) - just think we need to keep offering our opinions too.
  11. The People's Cup

    He doesn't reflect our views or opinions either GA
  12. The People's Cup

    Hi Scottie ......... yes that's the one I'd seen - hence the post. Can't say the event has covered itself in glory - but his analysis of the finalists is certainly an insult to our guys and would guess most, if not all the others!
  13. The People's Cup

    Wasn't going to post until picked up another tirade on WFU about Peoples Cup which doesn't match our experience. We played in the Semis at Peterborough - was competitive - some running - Ref did a good job with any physical contact to the point of yellow cards and 2 Red Cards (think the 2 guys wrestling were ultimately more embarrassed with what they'd done at their age than anything else). I can understand the frustration with the Peoples Cup, as many of the issues being raised, Referees, format, who qualifies, all occurred in last years competition so for lessons not to have been learnt is far from acceptable and everyone needs to feed that back as forcibly as possible. To make perfectly clear ............ we won't be going to play in the finals because we were too fast too strong nor fleet of foot and too powerful (and we won't be the only ones!) ............ but because a good bunch of lads played some decent walking football, scored a few goals and had an enjoyable afternoon out (and a pint afterwards) which reflects the sessions we've been running since October 2012 - exactly as it should be! I would add a footnote. The Peoples FA Cup is the only competition we enter. Unfortunately you can't find the number of teams entered into the Peoples FA Cup - but looking at the WFU/WFA - it appears that less than 10% of clubs listed have entered their National Competition (lots of one club across 2 ages). It seems that from a number of posts on these forums and the information that the FA received from their research last year, the vast proportion of people playing WF enjoy recreational sessions - exactly the same as we have for the last 5 seasons. So is it not time for other people to meet with the FA to discuss Recreational WF rather than competitve WF?!
  14. How do your sessions work?

    Interesting stuff - wondered how many of you are attached to Clubs or facilities that help with your set up and promotion - we are completely independent - setting it up ourselves back in 2012. Does also seem to confirm that in the main people prefer the 'recreational' rather than the 'competitive' version of WF?
  15. How do your sessions work?

    Very similar Mick - 3G - 3 touch - 3 matches of 20 minutes - 3 teams stay on their 'home' pitch the other 3 rotate so the 3 games are against different teams - we just divide bibs up by relevant numbers each week and they take lucky dip - occasionally one team may be weaker than the others - generally it balances out (I always apologies to whichever set of guys get lumbered with me!). As the teams change weekly - results at the end of the night become irrelevant for the next week. We've played 3 touch since last September - has improved skills and helped cut down on running. Sure the purists would frown on us but .......... we don't limit ages - means we have a fair number of Fathers and Sons come along - have even had 3 generations of one family and have a Grandad & Grandson at present .............works for us!