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  1. ask john croot WFA Funding /strategy

    Fair and reasonable questions Seasider - as they were on your previous post. Will look forward to the answers
  2. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Think that just about sums it all up ........... reckon there's been enough comments on this thread to easily make up our minds - we won't be affiliating to the WFA
  3. Bagsy not Goalie

    Unfortunately its not an exact science and we have had issues. Get the guys to take it in turns - have increased the goal areas with flat markers and have now bought a job lot of GK gloves that they can use - try to work on the basis of prevention is better than cure!
  4. Laws , Laws, Laws and yet more Laws

    GY - good solid start to what I'm sure will provoke lots of comments (hopefully it does and they can constructively be built on). One concern having recently trialed a Central Venue League night where we had 5 Teams. Some people are very adept at cheating by running to catch someone when clean through on goal - the simple award of an indirect free kick doesn't seem enough of a punishment in that instance - in theory they could do it 3 times before being punished?
  5. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    See the Circus is back in Town! Gone2pot - have you never heard of when you've dug a big enough hole for yourself to stop digging. Every time you comment you look less credible. People keep saying about the support they get from their County FAs - you still insist on the old 'badinage' (personally wouldn't call it humorous or witty). Will be specific on a couple of issues though. Firstly you obviously cared that much about your Over 60s Tournament Final last weekend that you forgot to mention it on your website or even tweet about and today still no coverage (also interesting to see that you have someone running in one of the pictures on your tournament page - leading foot in the air not heel plant - so certainly running)? Secondly perhaps you would indulge us ........... with your budget for taking the game forward? Reckon if you had 200 affiliate that's only £7000 - won't cost us much less than that to pay for the pitches alone for our sessions this year!
  6. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Think the great thing with these posts is that it shows how supportive the County FAs can be to WF - may not be perfect but hopefully the workshops will help to form something that gives consistency across the Country. Hope they also show the FA that other people care about what happens to the game - we also have our own opinions and are prepared to stand up and speak for ourselves
  7. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    ..................and there we all were having a considered discussion about WF and its many facets!
  8. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Very similar to yourselves Seasider - we started 5 years ago and have made up our own rules to suit, open ages (some Dads and Sons come along - even Grandad and Grandson) - always try and adapt to keep the interest amongst the guys. We have sourced our own Public Lialbility Insurance, number of us have done the FA Emergency Aid course and also been CRB checked. Have had to find guys to ref too. Just think a simple package with the basics (as would be the case with any other form of football Club within the Counties) be afforded to WF. This thread started about the upcoming FA workshops. Many people never play outside their own session but get so much out of WF in so many ways - want to ensure Recreational WF is given the same level of importance.
  9. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Some really pertinent points guys in these recent mails GY, Big Mac, Left Foot & Seasider. Have found very similar with our own County guys and their support for our efforts. Personally think that there must be something simple the FA could put into place be it an affiliation/accreditation for WF Groups/Clubs that includes some of the basics like Public Liability Insurance and to also add something to their referee courses. It would then give us all a firm base from which to start taking WF forward. There is so much talk around rules and competitions - want to also bang the drum for Recreational WF - please don't forget that significant numbers of people enjoy their local sessions and don't get involved in any sort of competitive WF ........... it's their game too.
  10. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Gone2pot - no mention in your reply now of most popular? With regard to the Peoples Cup - interesting that your current 50+ Champions Birmingham have found it a worthwhile competition having reached the finals for the 3 seasons that it has been played - as have a number of other sides that enter your own national competition? Alan - thanks for comment - not sure if that's a double negative or double positive;)
  11. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Always like to get the facts right - Gone2Pot - never did trust Nigel Farage and his £350 grand a week to the NHS When did the WFA (take it formerly the WFU) National start? Was it 2015? Think the entrants were under 20? This year think the total Club entries were around the 80-90 mark with some clubs doubling across age groups giving around the 120/130 total entries. Peoples Cup (run by the FA and far from perfect!) started 2015 - would guess and yes it is a guess first year they perhaps had 60-80 teams in it - understand last year it was over 200?
  12. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Is that the WFA Agenda for the meeting? That will start it off on the right note - think I'd like to join Left Foot as a fly on the wall
  13. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Would agree with GY Alan - think the right people at the FA have plenty of information gathered already around the issues that he has listed - not forgetting the fairly comprehensive survey they undertook in summer 2016. I hope that something concrete and positive comes out of these workshops to add to what is known already. Would then like to see it rolled out as an ongoing plan through the County FAs to take WF forward over the coming years. Without doubt the FA has been miles behind the curve on WF - please that this doesn't bring another false dawn!
  14. ask john croot WFA

    Personally John have always found our County (Bedfordshire) very supportive and fairly certain they like us and the others around our County. From other groups I know a number of other Counties treat it with the same importance. Without doubt the problem seems to be consistency in the importance of Walking Football across all County FAs. Did a bit of a trawl round and it does seem to vary considerably - even basic details of sessions .......... some very easy to find (on Beds FA website comes up on front page) some you have to search around to find. Did find one County offering grants of £150 to start up sessions! Also most Counties do have a section for funding advice and a name to contact. The more demands we all make of the Counties the more WF will rise up their priorities. Don't think it's just about money. There are many different sessions available - with Tournaments (competitive & friendly), Leagues and Recreational WF so that all needs to be covered by any Governing Body only see the WFA pushing their own National Tournaments and associated competitions.
  15. ask john croot WFA

    Don't see it John. Whilst I agree the FA may have been behind the curve - there are numerous people round the Country who have a passion for WF giving their time for free trying to develop the game. Much of it is in conjunction and with the support of their respective County FAs. Certainly many County FAs are looking at affiliation packages and referee training courses all under the FA. Certainly wouldn't say they are the ones grabbing land.

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