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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 44/100 My Time 111 seconds  
  2. I regularly attended my local council Leisure Centre walking football session, run by FreedomLeisure, until I was quite badly injured, by a deliberate kick in the front of my shin, by another player. I have only played once since February this year, because the wound won't heal. the player concerned, was wearing unsuitable filthy outdoor hard soled trainers, he used for tramping around town everyday. The LC management have simply ignored my emails, regarding, inconsistent, unsuitable (the youth provided as a referee, was playing on the opposing side, so couldn't really perform refereeing duties) the no supervision, wearing of improper footwear, assaults during games (I was punched, deliberately targeted to be barged into walks, feet stamped on deliberately, etc) and allowing under age players into over 50's games (and I'm talking 6'6" twenties hulk, throwing his weight around). Oh, of course, constant running or jogging. Freedom Leisure, consistently failed to provide either any properly qualified supervisory referees, or did not do so at all. I recently returned; nothing has changed; being mocked and wound up by the coward who injured me. I'm not going back, yet I really enjoyed the game, but it was so frustrating, in the face of the above obstacles to fair and, above all, safe, play. I'm not going back there, as it's not safe. i just wrote this, as a balancing perspective on the glowing comments about other playing setups, it is not all happy valley!

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