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  1. I don't understand your poll on back passes?

    What do you actually want us to vote on, which answer is right or which ruling we would prefer?

    1. Wiltshire Walking Football

      Wiltshire Walking Football

      The poll is wrong anyway.

      1 and 3 are the same options but the FA Law is not the same as the WFA:

      The FA law states :

      An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team if a goalkeeper commits one of the following offences:

      • touches or controls the ball with their hands or feet, in the penalty area, for more than six seconds

      receives the ball back directly from a team mate
      to whom they have just passed the ball without the ball having made contact with any other player

      • allows the ball to stop in a stationary position in the penalty area without touching it for more than six seconds

    2. Gy Corinthian

      Gy Corinthian

      I recognised that Tony, but I still don't understand the purpose of the poll.

      TRA please explain what you want

    3. TRA Walking Football

      TRA Walking Football

      Hello to you both, sorry if we did not explain this better, we are trying to vote across the country regarding the following, 

      When the goalkeeper rolls the ball to his player, can the same player pass directly back to the keeper (WFA Rule) or

      the player receiving the ball from the gk has to pass to another player before gk is aloud to receive the ball again (TRA) 


      As we are trying to make the same rules across the country and this particular rule is different everywhere, what do you and your players prefer the rule to be?


      Any other issues on rules please get in contact so we all can develop the game and go forward.


      Best Regards


      Terry Rice

  2. league Poll - Back Pass Rule

    To all Walking Football clubs and players. The debate on the back pass rule across the country. Question - Once the goalkeeper passes the player the ball, is the player allowed to pass back to the goalkeeper or has to pass to another player before goalkeeper receives the ball? Please vote across the country
  3. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 88/100 My Time 144 seconds  
  4. league TRA Walking Football National League

    Thank Alan. Please do follow our progress online, we are on Facebook and Twitter also with a new website coming soon. You can follow us also on Walkingfootball.com you will see how the league will work the results and many posts and much more from our self's, We understand that not every team is ready for a National League and we would welcome any team in the future. You are very welcome to come and watch the leagues once they start but one thing is for sure we are all about the players. Thank you for wishing us good luck.
  5. league TRA Walking Football National League

    Hi Alan. Thank you for your reply. The whole League and all our competitions are NON-CONTACT we have amazing Referrers and we follow the WFA rules to a tie there will be no tweaks with the rules at all. Cash prize is there for the winner and 2nd 3rd and 4th place teams and we hope all teams will follow the rules if not our Referrers will make sure the WFA rules are followed. Our league is growing each day with our staff working very hard to sign the teams up, We now have 24 teams with Sheffield Falcons joining us today in the northern league. We are Ambitious and want to hold bigger and better league and cups in the coming years we have a contract with goals to use there pitches for all our competitions and with help from Walkingfootball.com each week you will see the league results and positions of the teams. if you would like to discuss this more Alan please feel to give us a ring or will kind give yourself a phone call please inbox your number if you would like us to do this. Kind Regards TRA TEAM
  6. league TRA Walking Football National League

    Good Evening Walkingfootball.com and thank you for adding our league to your website. If anybody has any Questions or are unsure about anything please feel free to contact us or leave a message here and we will answer all questions enquires.07842 883668 Thanks the TRA Team
  7. Finally, what everyone has been waiting for……………………

    Welcome to the non-contact walking football Super League!!!
    Hello to all managers and organizer's,

    After a very successful Premier league, I have been contacted by many clubs from around the Country to join our league.

    These are teams from The Premier League, Championship, League 1 and 2 down to the National Leagues and more.  

    I am very happy to have been asked to organize and run the biggest Walking Football League in the UK.

    How the Super League will work.

    The country will now be split in 2 the North (Leeds) and the South (Romford, Essex) both with teams entering from all over to join the league they would prefer due to distance etc.

     There will be £1000 for the winners of each league with £500 for 2nd place £300 for 3rd and £200 for 4th and then followed by a one-day Champions cup for top 4 finishers in both leagues.

    Once the National super leagues in England are established we will then set up super National leagues in Scotland, Wales and Ireland to then develop a one-day UK Champions of Champions Cup.

    Then why not go into Europe in the future.

    This is a strictly over 50s walking football league. Non-contact. It will be 6 aside, with a maximum of 10 players per team on the day but can register as many players as you like.

    It will take place once a month on a Sunday morning. The league will be a 22-team strong league and each team will play 3 different teams for 20 mins straight, that’s 1 hour of football per team! The cost of each month is £50 per team.

    The first 22 teams entered will make the Super league and the next 22 will make the Championship and will use the 4 teams Relegation and Promotion.

    First come first served basis, so please be quick to register.

    Please excuse me but no time wasters please, this is a serious league!

    Half way through the season there will be League Cup Tournament including both leagues together.

    Start date will be the following month once all the teams have been registered, so please register as quickly as you can as places will not be held.

    What to do next!

    If you are serious to join the biggest league in the UK please fill in the team registration form with the deposit to guarantee your place. Only once, the signed contract and deposit has been received, your club will be registered.

    Good luck and i look forward to hearing from you all.

    Terry Rice 

    [email protected]

    2017 season Team Registration.docx

    Player WFSL Registration Form.docx

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