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  1. Footwear

    Glad your purchase was worth it hope you score a great number of goals in future Andy.
  2. Footwear

    Thanks that is very interesting comments it is becoming clear that there are obviously plus and minus for types of footwear. Good to get fed back from people who have suffered injuries while playing that can be attributed to footwear.
  3. Footwear

    Yes I would agree with you on that point, the playing surface should be stated and also the allowed footwear on the competition rules.
  4. Footwear

    The main point was if competitions are played on astro turf then astro trainers should be worn
  5. Footwear

    Hi GY I have both but only use studs on grass pitches, which we don't play many games on, boot inspection is supposed to take at the start of competition games, most referee's don't bother so players could be wearing blades.
  6. Footwear

    If I had not had a job where I could sit down most of the time, a boss who was understanding, I could have been of work for 5 weeks.
  7. Footwear

    The new rules state shin pads are now compulsory in competitions, nothing has been mentioned about studded boots. 12 months ago I had a broken bone in my foot caused by being caught with a studded boot. If shin pads are compulsory for safety, the studded boots should not be worn as a safety precaution.
  8. Interview With Bernard Roddy

    Bernard is a true gent and he comments about the consideration of others but Bernard is just as considerate to others no matter what age or abilities everyone is made welcome and Walking football helps fitness and mental wellbeing. A sport to keep us oldies going.
  9. Alan is a guy who's organisational skills are brilliant, Alan and his committee ensure that the club runs smoothly and we have fantastic group of guys who have different skill levels but everybody leaves the sessions with a smile on their faces.
  10. Interview With Gordon Nixon

    I play at the same locations as Gordon and it is a pleasure to play alongside such a talented and fair player who also ensures the club runs well and even he and his wife put on a small buffet for friendly games and internal tournaments

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