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  1. ask john croot

    3 touch rule is currently only a local ruling, with neither the FA or WFA having it as part of their respective laws for walking football. As such your local provider should outline what should happen in such a situation. We also use the 3 touch rule in our sessions and when this happens a free kick would be awarded if through any physicality the opponent was unable to get to the ball and take possession. It is not expected that the player moves aside, however any deliberate obstruction or impeding is called as a free kick.
  2. stay healthy

    Front thigh muscle strains early in walking football career from a return to kicking a football again, just a couple of weeks to recover. Several hamstring injuries of varying grades so varying recovery times from 3 to 5 weeks out. Latest one has been the longest, caused through playing when it was already under strain. We have to learn to listen to our bodies!
  3. At GY Ancient we play with no goalkeepers and small goals and purely for the reasons you state about it being a specialist position and one open to causing injury to the less mobile. We only have a small exclusion area of around 2 metres with a half way line penalty into an empty net for defenders entering the area. Works for us, we do always make bigger goals available on one pitch when goalkeepers want to play in goal for a full session. Won't work for many others though.
  4. ask john croot

    How do you feel about the WFA self proclaiming themselves as the national governing body for walking football?
  5. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes just over 2 years ago. Initially I was prescribed 4 metformin tablets a day plus a statin. This was with HbA1c reading of above 80mmol/mol and a cholesterol reading of more than 8.0mmol/l. I took up walking football for exercise and altered my diet by cutting out sugar and limiting dairy products. Currently I have readings of HbA1c of 38 and cholesterol of 3.8. My prescribed metformin dose has been halved for around the last 9 months and I am hoping that at my next check up in August I may be able to try coming off the metformin completely. I have shed around a stone and a half, so walking football has certainly contributed to my fight against type 2 diabetes.
  6. ask john croot

    This must be a joke referee! If not you have completely devalued this site. Please tell me and others you are messing!
  7. tournament

    Our guys had a great time and had nothing but praise for the organisers and everything they did. A different version of walking football, no goalkeepers etc but nonetheless a very enjoyable time. They were going to tell us differently in an effort to keep it quiet and only the same crew return next year!
  8. tournament

    I think there might have been a bit of English success in this comp,seen pics of our friends Heanor holding a trophy.
  9. Come and join us as we host a walking football festival in partnership with Lincs FA and Lincs Inspire with the aim of raising funds for the Bobby Moore Charity Fund.
  10. tournament

    GrimsbyAncientMariners are looking forward to a good social affair and to making new friends. All about participation and enjoyment, watch out for our sombrero and also a guest appearance from a number of Harry Haddocks. UTM ancients on tour😂😂😂😂
  11. Alan, there are lots of up beat posts about walking football. Probably more chat about the not so up beat but that's probably our age!!! Hope you and everyone else playing, organising, officiating or spectating have a great day. There are more and more good days at the moment. Our club have recently had good days at Boston,Harrogate, Lincoln and Manchester. The message about play slow, play fair and play well is spreading, let's keep it going.
  12. Very interesting and surprising. I wonder what was spoken about? I wonder if WFA started with a massive apology about how they had been conducting their business by attacking both the FA and individuals from within the greater walking football community. If they did apologise to the FA then perhaps they could also apologise publicly to the individuals they attacked. I wait to see what the Agenda was and if it reflected the needs , wants and concerns of ALL the walking football community or not. I hope it did but a week after the meeting why not release more details?
  13. LF I think the person who edited the article made it even more ambiguous. You are right to indicate that the unqualified referee would have made the correct decision if the lower crossbar 5 a side goals were in use. Of course if back chat was in use as described on there website allowing discussion about walking football issues it could be discussed directly by those involved with WFU/WFA, oh no it is still temporarily removed. By the way the Europa league final is currently pants!!!!
  14. We will receive our Lincs FA affiliation package on June 1st. Looking forward to see what they have to offer, but I doubt it will bear any WFA logo. I wonder if WFA asked the FA about producing a new logo utilising the name of the FA, unless of course it means sweet Fanny Adams😂 Back to the penalty discussion, I agree with the above posters.
  15. Read the article on WFU site about a goal being awarded after a ball had gone overhead height from a save and then bounced into the net. The article stated the 'unqualified' referee got the decision wrong as once the ball goes overhead it is a dead ball. It is also suggested that it would be unfair if a goalkeeper makes a save the ball deflects overhead height and comes out of the area and then a striker volleys the ball (once under head height again) into an empty net. I am not sure about this. I recognise fully the need for the over head height rule but surely all parties should be punished the same if they transgress the rule? Why should a goalkeeper retain possession having deliberately deflected the ball overhead height whilst making a save but an outfield player penalised for a ball that deflects over head height from him? Anyone else got any thoughts?