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  1. Bagsy not Goalie

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It seems that it is not such an issue elsewhere with volunteers being available or at least everyone willing to take a turn. I can't see that happening at our venue and that may be due to our mixed age group of over 55 to over 70s all playing together. Younger players (some) still have the ability to strike the ball powerfully. The elder statesmen not so much. Obviously the ability to 'react' to a shot differs as well for those standing in goal and understandably some don't wish to expose themselves to danger. The new providers have recognised a number of issues created by their takeover of the sessions but are now looking at introducing even more changes to playing conditions such as 'rush' goalies but you must have the gloves on, allowing the ball over head height again. I do despair at the moment and look forward to 2018 when I believe the local council provider will start again their walking football sessions. Unfortunately the local club providing the sessions presently appear to be losing their walking football identity. They are still getting great numbers down but are playing more veterans football than walking football. It must be what the attendees want but it's not for me. I stopped playing football aged around 40 finding walking football aged 55 has allowed me to enjoy something I thought I had left behind , played in the most in a safe, friendly and sporting environment. I enjoyed our 3 touch (inclusive) sessions with small goals and no keepers and then adapting when playing competition or inter club friendlies.
  2. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    Big Mac, it could be, but there is the need for consultation first to ensure that the laws are what the majority want .
  3. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    The shot from the kick off is no game breaker for me, touch to another player and they can still strike it forward, can they not. The 'run up' again is just a grammatical error for me. However as I have stated many times a set of unified standard laws would be great. Wide consultation is what is required to ensure the laws suit the majority. I wish you well and all the attendees. It should at least provide a standardised approach in your area. Good luck with it and I would welcome sight of any learning objectives for the training.
  4. Bagsy not Goalie

    The provider of our local walking football sessions has recently changed from the local council to a local club. As such what is being delivered has changed. The sessions no longer have access to small samba type goals and have therefore elected to play in futsal type goals. Previously we played our walking football sessions without goalkeepers, the change means we now need keepers. As you would expect there are not many who are volunteering to throw themselves around trying to stop hard hit shots from a distance of about 3 metres! How do other providers get around this or are you lucky enough to have willing volunteers? We are even struggling to get some players to step in for a 5 minute session, although I personally fully understand their reluctance to do so. It can be dangerous in there if you haven't done it before. The cold weather doesn't help either, i played in goal during Monday's session as a bit of practice for a tournament this weekend. I was well wrapped up but my defenders were so good that during an hour long session I was only called upon to make 5 or 6 saves (no goals).
  5. Manchester F.A. Referee development

    I don't know what to think about this. It is great that your local FA are entering into dialogue and looking to provide some form of training/development for walking football referees in your area. I hope it proves to be a fantastic success. However , although you don't go into details it appears that the course will be based around WFU laws, which are about to be voted upon by accredited clubs regarding potential changes and not FA laws of the game. Or will it in fact be based upon a hybrid of laws that you and others in the Manchester area are happy to use? This is my concern about standardisation. Will the event be the same as those delivered in Kent and Derbyshire by their respective county FA's or is it bespoke to Manchester and therefore any accreditation only relevant in Manchester? So all I can do is wish you well with it, I hope it helps in the development of walking football referees in your area but I hope you can also understand my concerns that it could also potentially split the game even further with yet another set of laws being introduced. I hope I am wrong to be concerned.
  6. ask john croot Referee

    My referee basic course through the FA was superb, great tutors, great mentors, proper measured development post basic course. Follow up development training, support through promotion programme etc. Look forward to their future training on walking football and further development of my refereeing skills. What did the WFA course include please?
  7. Walking Football United Clarify WF Rules Of The Game

    Alan, I completely agree that the game you describe is not walking football and does require its own identity. All i am after is the widest possible consultation about laws for walking football so that the final set(s) are the best options for the majority of players. There also needs to be a recognition that amended laws need trials before full implementation to ensure that they work effectively.
  8. Walking Football United Clarify WF Rules Of The Game

    So now a multitude of WFA affiliated will be given the chance to vote on a series of law changes in December. Taken from WFU website. How many clubs is this I wonder? The reason I ask is so that I recognise the validity of the results. 10 clubs then not a fair reflection of the walking football community. However 100 clubs then an estimate of 2000 players would be a fairer reflection.
  9. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Nanoo Nanoo, And I think they have recognised their shortcomings and carrying out reform getting rid of the blazers and getting a far more inclusive set of people to represent the footballing needs of the nation. We will have to agree to disagree. My club are firmly in the FA camp in the main due to the fantastic support we enjoy in our Lincolnshire Walking Football community. We do not recognise the WFA as the national governing body for walking football because we fail to see their credentials. In time we may have to change our point of view, but i cannot foster that at the moment. Got to dash, going to miss my space shuttle
  10. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    [Hidden Content] And that's the football community the FA are looking for walking football to join.
  11. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Rude to suggest that seaside is in the dark So why are the WFA going to meet with the 'monkey' ? The WFA had an executive present at our FA workshop, albeit with their club hat on. They chose not to join in any of the open debates (may have done within their group) other than to try and ridicule AD because he hadn't watched the WFA promo video on Sky and then at the end try to question AD about what budget was available. AD stated that discussions were ongoing regarding this and that he wouldn't have divulged the information at that particular meeting in any case. What is the budget that the WFA are proposing?
  12. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Attended the workshop in West Riding tonight. Some great support for walking football from some very enthusiastic and passionate people. The message was clear to the FA from those present who in the main made valuable contributions. I won't divulge what was said so that each one of you attending can make your own valuable contributions. It was clear to me that there is a great deal of common ground, lots of support for walking football and a wish to improve it further. All I would ask of each of you attending please ensure that you leave Andy Dyke with the message that we want to see their proposed development plan early in 2018
  13. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    If the FA workshops are a waste of time as you indicate, why are the WFA going to meet with the FA? As others have said what a diabolical attitude to take when do many people have an interest in the development of walking football. Are you in some way connected to the WFA? And were you at the meeting tonight😉
  14. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I think you will find that the FA will offer support to new sessions in the way of advice and a tool kit in how to go about setting up. They will offer a set of rules as they do now and then it will be up to each session to deliver walking football as they see fit. They will not dictate to individual sessions but just offer support and perhaps direct contact with similar needs so that 'best practice' can be seen and shared. They dont interfere at thousands of junior football training sessions so why would they at walking football. They may however through county FA development officers be best able to assist development. They will hopefully as well continue to support FA affiliated leagues and competition which through affiliation should achieve a consistency in rules and referees over time.
  15. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I have also organised a 12 team tournament that also raised over £1500 for Prostate UK. I won't be at the WFA finals. I don't know Steve Rich, Paul Carr or Mr Croot.

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