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  1. news Free kicks

    Definitely one of the areas that requires clarification and standardistion. Strong arguments from both camps regarding which way to go. Could do with a big discussion on this one to see what the feeling is All free kicks indirect: Player safety, as it is an effort to stop direct shots. However even this needs amendment as players still try and shoot in an effort to have a deflection of an opponent so the safety aspect is negated. Do the laws need amending to say that the ball must be touched by a second attacking player before a goal can be scored from an indirect free kick? Incidents of deliberate foul play as described by SH in original post do not seem to be punished severely enough, perhaps such incidents should be penalised with a penalty? Use of blue card should be more prevalent as well, lets drive out deliberate foul play. FA rules state indirect or direct free kicks dependant on type of offending as in 'regular' football. However when playing on small courts with 'defensive walls' only being a short distance away is there any benefit to a direct free kick? ensure 3m distance may increase opportunity to shoot. (Player safety comes into play here) Player taking free kick only allowed one step , as per penalty rule? Ideas are ones picked up upon made by others but probably worthy of discussion. Quickness of mind should not be penalised and I personally feel quick free kicks should be allowed as long as they are taken from the right position. One step approach for free kick takers is also a 'step' in the right direction for me, if you pardon the pun.
  2. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    Come on guys (and gals) I cant be the only 'girly swot'!!!!
  3. FA Walking Football Laws Of The Game Quiz 1

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 107 seconds  
  4. You are the Referee

    running to get in position and running with the ball. IMHO.
  5. ask john croot Unsupervised Leisure Centre Sessions

    Brianrod, sorry to hear about your experiences. Seek out other venues in your area to get your walking football fix. I am sure you must be able to find a suitable club.
  6. Can you tackle in walking football

    Let me be clear on my position. I do not promote the use of force in tackles in walking football. Wiltshire you are right that a player should be able to receive a ball without worry of being tackled from behind, however whether it be minimal or no contact rules I am afraid that you will still have players making careless, reckless or excessive force challenges from behind. For those that advocate no contact then make it no contact, don't be accepting of any contact whatsoever. What sort of a game would that be? Very safe but not allowing those that played defensively for many years the enjoyment of taking the ball from an opponent by way of a tackle that is not careless, reckless or uses excessive force. You will never, in my opinion, stop contact during a game of walking football played either under FA or WFA laws. However by proper use of either set of laws the bullies and thugs can be driven out of the game. Alan, the person responsible for a challenge being reckless or excessive is two fold in my eyes. The person making the challenge, (they make a choice to commit to that type of challenge) and then secondly the match referee who by administering the laws of the game will apply the necessary sanctions for an offence of reckless or excessive force. Playslowplayfairplaywell a good mantra for all walking footballers
  7. Over 50s league concludes tonight but the over 60s finished their fixtures this afternoon. Grimsby Corinthians needed just one point to clinch the title but Welton Imp could catch them if they slipped up. Unfortunately for Welton Grimsby were first up against a depleted Spilsby Strollers side and ran out easy winners to take the title. Welton and Stamford played out a very good tight game which saw Stamford take victory in a great advert for walking football. This meant that Grimsby Corinthians could go through the league programme if they win their final game against Welton Imp. Welton fought strongly against Grimsby and ran out winners with a 4-2 scoreline inflicting Corinthians only defeat. I refereed 3 weeks out of 4 and on the whole found it an enjoyable experience. I tried to clamp down on running and I feel that the message is getting through. Players tackled carefully and responsibly overall, but again learned lessons that you cannot commit those niggly tackles from behind. Very little dissent and none of it prolonged. One or two blue cards issued and no reds. Well done players. I hope LinxWF feel that the league's have been a success and introduce another in the new year. Room for some subtle changes but overall it has been fun. Congratulations to all involved , Sophie from LinxWF, all the clubs involved, my fellow referees and most of all to Grimsby Corinthians, Champions in their very first competition.
  8. Can you tackle in walking football

    And not in a careless or reckless manner and certainly NOT with excessive force. Upper body contact should not be forceful in any way either.
  9. Greater Manchester WF League - Autumn

    Great to hear that yet another walking football comp is being well received. However I feel the need to comment about non contact and it being easier for referees to penalise. Your support for no contact , in my opinion, is flawed as soon as you mention that it actually means some contact! I am currently officiating in the LinxWF over 60s walking football league being played under FA Walking Football laws. I find it easy to penalise offenders using the careless, reckless and excessive force headings. We are having very few reckless challenges, no excessive force so far, but a number of careless. I class careless as use of upper body pressure, hands onto opposing players , any challenge at from behind. The players are getting used to this and adapting accordingly. We can get this right, there is room for defenders in this game as well. Great to discuss things and share opinions.

    Walking Football fits very well with the FA under the recreational football group, alongside futsal and small sided soccer. The FA rules are suitable when applied properly. But yes they do need some amendment's. In my opinion the FA do have thoughts about how best to develop the game but frustratingly they are not very forthcoming with communication. I believe they are currently re visiting the affiliation issue, looking at what is currently being offered and trying to develop a bespoke package suitable for walking footballers.

    Perhaps we should ask John Croot? But in any case the national governing body for football (which includes walking football) is the Football Association , the FA.
  12. Walking Fooball at Chester le Street Town FC

    Great that you are enjoying your sessions, but you need to slow down. It is not walking football that I am seeing but a game of veterans 5 a side. Sorry to be critical but if I were refereeing then there would be a lot of whistle blowing for speed. Have a look at the FA Laws for walking football as well, think about keeping players out of the goal area and also keep the ball below head height. Walking Football is still a very enjoyable game when played with these laws. Keep enjoying but Play slow, play fair, play well.
  13. I am currently officiating in the LinxWF over 60s county league, being played under FA laws. Great competition between 5 sporting teams. Very few fouls, no serious/aggressive fouls all careless. Very little dissent and non of it could be considered offensive. Players are getting better at not running as they are now being penalised and are thanking match officials for getting a better grip on physicality and speed. The WFU now carries a very vague article once more with no substance behind it, no examples given of which FA competitions have gone No Contact, no evidence that their own message is getting through to their own national competition, yet on their sister site they claim to have had a good meeting and are looking forward to working together with the FA , then decide to slam the FA once more. We shouldn't really be surprised should we. There is room for the laws to be developed/amended and some of the thoughts from WFU are interesting but please try and go about things in an open and transparent manner rather than shouting loudly from a website that no longer allows response.