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  1. I've asked this elsewhere on the forum, but thought it would be better to direct this to you John: 1) It has been said there are female reps on the WFA. As a female coach looking to develop a ladies section it would be useful to know who they are and how to contact them. 2)Is there, or will there be a strategy for recruiting BAME volunteers and participants? 2) What is the WFA budget for supporting local clubs develop walking football, either new teams or ongoing support? 3) What courses, in addition to referee courses, are the WFA going to provide for WF coaches /facilitators?
  2. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    "Whoever is going to a workshop the key question is: WHAT IS THE BUDGET? No budget ...no strategy Waste of time" Gone 2 Pot - this is what you said about the FA, so I was asking the same about the WFA. Are you a WFA representative?
  3. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Hardly naive! I find your constant digs insulting, so please stop with these derogatory comments. I've been a qualified coach for over 12 years, so hardly naive. I've affiliated to the WFA. I was told on here there were 2 females on the board. I don't know who they are - the only board names on the website are 3 men. I'm looking at developing a female group, so surely it's a reasonable question? What's naive about a finance question? Doesn't an NGA need a budget? Again, asking about their strategies is surely not unreasonable? Especially when the FA are being criticised for meeting people to develop theirs. I am not pro or anti the WFA, so quite why you feel you need to keep leaping to their defence by attacking anyone who dares to ask questions about them puzzles me. You argue to give the WFA time, but criticise others for affording the FA the same grace. In my experience, the County FA has given us far more meaningful support than WFA has done to date.
  4. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I only eat fish... 🎣 I have some genuine questions: 1) Who are the female reps on the WFA, and is there a strategy for recruiting BAME volunteers? County FA has a women's development officer and a dedicated wf contact with a budget. 2) What is the WFA budget for supporting local clubs develop walking football? See 1)not sure exact figure for FA, but tournaments and refs are provided free of charge. Also supports new teams set up activities and marketing. Support also available through Just Play scheme. 3) What courses are the WFA going to provide for WF coaches /facilitators? FA provides courses for licensed coaches including emergency aid, safeguarding and coaching ones, though I fed back at the meeting that these need tweaking to make them a bit more relevant to coaching older people.
  5. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    We've now affiliated to both the WFA as well as our County FA. This is only so our players have access to enter the tournaments and nomination to the England teams, though I only have a couple of interested players for that. Have just had a receipt so far. I would just like both organisations to work together......
  6. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Went to the Somerset event on Monday night - people there from Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Andy Dyke from the FA focused mainly on seeking feedback on how the FA can support Walking Football going forward. He was quite honest about the FA being "late to the party" and stressed that they are hoping to work with the WFA, who he acknowledged had done a lot of work already to develop Walking Football. They have a meeting next week, where there were to be further discussions about developing one set of consistent LOTG - especially in relation to contact, running, free kicks and ball height. The over 60s England Manager was there, but in the capacity of representing his local team. The only other comment was about the FA being the National Governing Body for all types of football, and it was plain they were including Walking Football in this remit. There was feedback from our group about the sort of support we needed - mainly in terms of help in promoting the game, using technology (some participants struggled with getting the word out there), adequate opportunities to attend courses specifically aimed at those facilitating walking football sessions (first aid, safeguarding relevant to older people rather than kids, and skills / coaching, start up support for new groups. We also discussed the need for more trained referees and a recognised Walking Football referee qualification separate to the normal referee one. There were volunteers who said they were willing to do these courses, but would not want to be referees for normal football. So, these sessions seem to be just initial "reach out" sessions by the FA to establish themselves as the NGA, whilst acknowledging the good work already being done in local sessions, and by the WFA (though there is no way they will recognise the WFA as an NGA, but they want to work with them) That was my impression anyway.
  7. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I'm going to the one in Somerset tonight and will feed back my experience...
  8. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    That's good. Are they players or organisers? Would be good to know who they are.
  9. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Says someone who assumes anyone on here discussing football is male. Curious to know if there are any women or BME people involved in the WFA?
  10. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Now I'm offended ...- you have assumed I am male... Seriously though, yes I was in the dark about the WFA. I am not in the dark about the FA though, and I'm aware steps are being taken to ensure the structure is reviewed to make it fit for purpose.
  11. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Don't worry - I now see the light! I'm thick skinned enough and been involved in football for long enough to know better than to take offence. Would have given it all up along ago otherwise... It's an important point though.. if I'd not heard of this WFA /NGA via another team rep at my last County FA meeting, I would have been none the wiser.
  12. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    Well, you learn something new every day! 😂 Will check it out. It's obviously a bit of a power struggle. Can anyone set up an nga then? Who's in? 😂
  13. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I thought this forum was part of the website and if so, I can't find anything about who the WFA actually are other than the fact you can create a page on here that links to your club. Maybe I've missed the pages which introduce the WFA committee, aims / objectives etc. I'm normally good with websites....
  14. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    I've been involved in Walking Football for 4 1/2 years and had never even heard of the WFA before a few weeks ago. I have had no contact from them other than on here and now on Twitter. Who are the 20 volunteers/ executives and what is their budget for supporting local clubs/ teams? On the other hand, I have had continuous support from my County FA Development Officer, and fully funded tournaments requiring no entry fee, as well as affiliation and insurance via the FA partnership with Bluefin. I have had contact about the National Tournament from Steve Rich under the auspices of WFU. The first ones were free.. this time we had to pay. I am in the dark as to who or what the WFA actually is / are.
  15. New F.A. 'Strategy'

    While I appreciate the efforts of Steve Rich, and whoever else is involved the WFA/WFU who I've never met in organising tournaments and forming a set of rules to play to, I have to affiliate our team to the County FA, as part of our wider club, who will only support the FA development of a strategy. Any other body won't be recognised and therefore these discussions about recognising WFA as such are futile. So, in the words of a dragon, "I won't be affiliating to the WFA.. I'm out!"

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