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  1. Footwear

    Most new 3g pitches , you are not allowed to wear Astro Boots, my understanding is that the older type surfaces, normally found in " goals" type centres with board you can use both. All the latest 3g/4g pitches insist on moulded studs, The link below is what is normally issued to the user, i believe this is down to maintain the longevity of the surface. Personally if its a good quality 3g pitch, such as Bedworth United , Keele University and Solihull Football Centre you wouldn't want to wear Astro's anyway. Love Puma Kings they are the most comfy Ive found [Hidden Content]
  2. Walking Football General Knowledge 1

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  3. England Trials

    the easiest way is by your club nominating via Walking Football United website, they will need details like date of birth and club playing for
  4. England Trials

    Richard you are correct we are hoping to announce dates for the trials very soon, they will be January to March we are just confirming the venues, all players nominated will be contacted with dates and venues within their geographical area . The Home Internationals on 10th December is the winners from the individual national championships .
  5. The WFA Tournament Rules 2017 Quiz Challenge

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