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Found 8 results

  1. ask john croot FA competitions

    Hello can you tell me if all FA competitions bar women in a competition twice in my local area there has been banning hiding behind the no mixed team rule including walking football FA rules. i am sure Hampshire FA have had females playing with male teams and the people's cup? Seems ridiculous as it is walking football The competition this Saturday is any male over 18 can you or your readers advise if this is a national banning or just my local area. thanks
  2. ask john croot hyrarchy

    Hi there Is walking football a part of the English football association?
  3. ask john croot Rule for 3 touch

    Hi John I'm currently playing with the 3 touch rule. My question is the other day while playing one of the opposition had his 3 touches and then stood over the ball shieling it from the opposition being able to play the ball. Is this a foul and should the player have moved away from the ball once he has had his 3 touches? regads David
  4. ask john croot WFA

    How do you feel about the WFA self proclaiming themselves as the national governing body for walking football?
  5. ask john croot Profile name

    Hi John, just joined this group, but for some reason it has brought up my name twice, i think I may have typed it twice, is there a way to delete one of the Brians lol sorry for asking a daft question.
  6. Hi at many tournaments,friendly games and even at different clubs training the rules are different and its having a affect on how teams play so please could you tell me which rules are the ones all teams and tournaments should be following thanks
  7. Hi John, Firstly I wanted to say it is great to have you on board here at Walkingfootball.com With the explosion of more and more leagues, tournaments, trained referees and official walking football rules, do you think with humans being human and looking for a competitive edge, that someone will offer the top walking football players a fee to join their club? To sum up, do you think transfer fees (financial or otherwise) could ever become part of walking football and if so, how long could it take to happen?
  8. Hello John I just saw the post on twitter letting us know we can ask questions on walking football which is a super idea Did you think walking football would become this popular? You are a true inspiration to so many people, well done.

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