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        Found 18 results

        1. I've asked this elsewhere on the forum, but thought it would be better to direct this to you John: 1) It has been said there are female reps on the WFA. As a female coach looking to develop a ladies section it would be useful to know who they are and how to contact them. 2)Is there, or will there be a strategy for recruiting BAME volunteers and participants? 2) What is the WFA budget for supporting local clubs develop walking football, either new teams or ongoing support? 3) What courses, in addition to referee courses, are the WFA going to provide for WF coaches /facilitators?
        2. ask john croot Referee

          Do you know of any more courses for referees for walking football?

        3. ask john croot Playing for the National team

          Hi John. How can I prove that I may good enough to play for the National side at Walking Football. Where & when can I have a trial? I am an extremely fit 73 year old and play for Stevenage Academy on Monday's & Wednesday and further keep fit with Tae Chi. Look forward with anticipation with your kind reply. Fred Ford Alias Dave Mackay 07767687757 01767227188
        4. ask john croot Affliliation

          John, As non executive Director of the WFA, could you let me know how many clubs are currently affiliated to the WFA? And if you have the data how does that compare to clubs affiliated with their home county FA's? Thanks in advance.
        5. ask john croot Nailsea North Somerset

          Is there anything in Nailsea, North Somerset, If not can I go ahead and form one

        6. ask john croot Cards

          I may have spotted an opening in the market. I have been trying to find someone who supplies blue cards. Referees are going to need them for running offences. I can't see anywhere online that that supplies them do you all make your own.
        7. Hi, I have just been asked the following question on our Walking Football Facebook group and thought I would re-post here for clarification. TIM Clark - " Can you use a walking stick whilst playing? Thanks. " In addition, can I add, are there any restrictions to the use of walking sticks in certain tournaments, leagues festivals etc and will anything be added to the Walking Football Rules regarding the use of such equipment to aid mobility?
        8. ask john croot Referees

          Hi John I am looking to get some accreditation as a referee having finally admitted the body can't take it anymore. I know the WFA were offering something. But would that mean using their rules. Is there an alternative. Paul
        9. I regularly attended my local council Leisure Centre walking football session, run by FreedomLeisure, until I was quite badly injured, by a deliberate kick in the front of my shin, by another player. I have only played once since February this year, because the wound won't heal. the player concerned, was wearing unsuitable filthy outdoor hard soled trainers, he used for tramping around town everyday. The LC management have simply ignored my emails, regarding, inconsistent, unsuitable (the youth provided as a referee, was playing on the opposing side, so couldn't really perform refereeing duties) the no supervision, wearing of improper footwear, assaults during games (I was punched, deliberately targeted to be barged into walks, feet stamped on deliberately, etc) and allowing under age players into over 50's games (and I'm talking 6'6" twenties hulk, throwing his weight around). Oh, of course, constant running or jogging. Freedom Leisure, consistently failed to provide either any properly qualified supervisory referees, or did not do so at all. I recently returned; nothing has changed; being mocked and wound up by the coward who injured me. I'm not going back, yet I really enjoyed the game, but it was so frustrating, in the face of the above obstacles to fair and, above all, safe, play. I'm not going back there, as it's not safe. i just wrote this, as a balancing perspective on the glowing comments about other playing setups, it is not all happy valley!
        10. ask john croot Head height

          Hi john,during a game the ball came at my head .I'm not the tallest player on the pitch so wasn't over head height.i headed it back and was penalised with a free kick against me.what are you supposed to do in that situation?If I had ducked out the way it could have gone to the opposing teams forward.Do you head it and take the infringement?
        11. ask john croot hyrarchy

          Hi there Is walking football a part of the English football association?

        12. ask john croot FA competitions

          Hello can you tell me if all FA competitions bar women in a competition twice in my local area there has been banning hiding behind the no mixed team rule including walking football FA rules. i am sure Hampshire FA have had females playing with male teams and the people's cup? Seems ridiculous as it is walking football The competition this Saturday is any male over 18 can you or your readers advise if this is a national banning or just my local area. thanks
        13. ask john croot Rule for 3 touch

          Hi John I'm currently playing with the 3 touch rule. My question is the other day while playing one of the opposition had his 3 touches and then stood over the ball shieling it from the opposition being able to play the ball. Is this a foul and should the player have moved away from the ball once he has had his 3 touches? regads David
        14. ask john croot Profile name

          Hi John, just joined this group, but for some reason it has brought up my name twice, i think I may have typed it twice, is there a way to delete one of the Brians lol sorry for asking a daft question.
        15. Hi at many tournaments,friendly games and even at different clubs training the rules are different and its having a affect on how teams play so please could you tell me which rules are the ones all teams and tournaments should be following thanks
        16. ask john croot WFA

          How do you feel about the WFA self proclaiming themselves as the national governing body for walking football?
        17. Hi John, Firstly I wanted to say it is great to have you on board here at Walkingfootball.com With the explosion of more and more leagues, tournaments, trained referees and official walking football rules, do you think with humans being human and looking for a competitive edge, that someone will offer the top walking football players a fee to join their club? To sum up, do you think transfer fees (financial or otherwise) could ever become part of walking football and if so, how long could it take to happen?

        18. Hello John I just saw the post on twitter letting us know we can ask questions on walking football which is a super idea Did you think walking football would become this popular? You are a true inspiration to so many people, well done.

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