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    Italian European Masters Trophy 2018

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      Ge Tur Sports Village Lignano Sabbiadoro Italy

      10th - 14th May   2018


      Qualifying Matches on Friday 11th May and Finals on Sunday 13th May.


      Walking football as predicted is becoming the fastest growing sport in many countries throughout the world.

      Teams are forming in Portugal, Spain, France, Greece and Germany and the sport is developing in new countries on a daily basis.

      The Walking Football Italian European Masters is held annually at Lignano Sabbiadoro in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in the North East of Italy and next year’s event will be on May 10th -14th 2018.

      The winners of the Masters tournament in 2017 were “Cove Rapidly Ageing Pensioners” from Hampshire.

       The following will provide all the information you need to know regarding the tournament, accommodation and the resort of Lignano:




      We will be staying at the purpose built Ge Tur Sports Village in Lignano Sabbiadoro, which hosts many international and European sporting events over the year including international swimming, martial arts, basketball and rugby utilising their Olympic swimming pools and 2500 seater sports hall.

      They can accommodate up to 2000 Guests on site.

      Check out the video on you tube:







      “Sabbiadoro”, in Italian means Golden Sands And as you can see from the pictures, the Private beach is very well maintained.


      The playing surface we will be using is a synthetic 3g surface, with the rubber compound filling instead of sand.

      The pitch will be divided into smaller playing surfaces of 28m x38m and we will be using 8ft x 6ft Samba Goalposts for our tournament and size 4 footballs.
      Food will be on a half board basis with Breakfast and lunch both included in the package.

      For evening meals the main town with its many restaurants and bars is a short distance away
       Rooms will be on a shared of 2 or 3 people although single occupancy can be arranged at a slightly increased price. Subject to availability. Family or nonplayer rates are also available. The rooms are budget level and very clean, as are the catering facilities which are inside the accommodation block.


      As an added bonus there is a bar around a free kick distance away from the residence.
      The mealtimes are:  Breakfast  7.30-8.45am Lunch  12-2pm   
       The Village of Lignano is around a mile walk from the Sports Village and has many bars and restaurants to choose from and you will have plenty of spare time to enjoy exploring.


      Tournament Structure

      The tournament will consist of 15 teams being split into 3 League groups..

      The idea is that everyone will have the same amount of games instead of a knockout tournament.

      Group games will commence on Friday 11th May and will be 14 minute matches against all the other teams in their group (7 minutes each way).

      There will be half time water breaks of 2 minutes.

      The games are 6 a side with unlimited substitutions from your registered 10 players.

      There will then be a day off on the Saturday to recover, remember we are older now and most of us need this.

      Play will re commence on the Sunday morning and will be split as follows:

      The top 5 teams from the groups (over 50s) will form a group and contest The “Walking Football Italian European Masters Cup

      The remaining teams from each group will form new groups and play for the “Cucchiaio di legno Shield” (Wooden Spoon)

      In the over 65s the format will be similar and teams will compete for the “Walking Football European Seniors Trophy” Cup presentations will be held on the Sunday evening.



      Picture: Norwich Soca Seniors winners of the European Seniors 2017


      Unfortunately due to the complexity of getting copies of everyone’s medical records and as we all have medical history we are unable to arrange any insurance for the tournament.

      You will have to make sure your own travel insurance policy will cover you playing football abroad. With this in mind everyone competing will have to sign a disclaimer to confirm they are playing at their own risk.




      Tournament Rules

      The objective of these rules is to ensure safe and competitive tournaments played in a friendly fun manner. The normal rules of Football apply with the following exceptions and amendments:


      1. Walking rule
      2. Teams
      3. Players equipment
      4. Playing area, goals and ball
      5. Duration of play
      6. Three touch rule
      7. Height of ball restriction
      8. Areas of play
      9. Free kicks and penalties
      10. Offside
      11. Substitution procedures
      12. Disciplinary sanctions
      13. Appeals committee


      1. Walking rule - Walking is defined as “always having one foot in touch with the ground whilst moving”. The referee will award an indirect free kick against any player who is seen to be not walking while moving. If a team is penalised on five occasions in a match for infringing the walking rule a blue card will be issued this will result in the award of as penalty kick against them. Each subsequent infringement will result in the award of a further penalty kick.

      2. Teams - Teams will comprise 6 players. A maximum number of 4 substitutes is permitted.

      3. Players’ equipment - Players must wear designated AstroTurf or moulded studded footwear. Screw-in metal studs and blades are not allowed. All jewellery must be removed. Spectacles may be worn. Shinguards must be worn.


      4. Playing area, goals and ball - The playing area will be approximately 38mx28m. Goals will be similar in size to standard Futsal goals. A size 4 ball will be used.

      5. Duration of matches - The duration of matches shall be divided into 2 equal periods of 6 or 7 minutes.

      6. Three touch rule - An outfield player is limited to three touches of the ball uninterrupted by another player touching the ball. A fourth touch will be an infringement and result in the award of an indirect free kick. A player having used three touches should step back two metres from the ball and not obstruct play. Goalkeepers have no limitation on touches and must distribute the ball in an underarm “bowling” motion. Goalkeepers may not kick the ball directly from their hands. Goalkeepers cannot control the ball with their hands from a pass back.

      7. Height of ball restriction - A height restriction is set at the greater of the height of the crossbar or 6ft (1.83m). If the ball is kicked by any player or thrown by a goalkeeper above the designated height an indirect free kick will be awarded except where the infringement occurs in the penalty area when a penalty kick will be awarded. If the ball rises above the designated height restriction due to a block by a player or a block or save by a goalkeeper then play should continue without the award of a free kick or penalty.

      8. Areas of play - The playing area will include a Penalty Area and Goalkeeper Safe Zone (GSZ). All players can enter the Penalty Area. A goalkeeper cannot exit their penalty area. If a goalkeeper exits their penalty area a penalty will be awarded. Access to the GSZ is restricted to goalkeepers. Entry to the GSZ by a player will result in the award of a penalty for defending players and an indirect free kick for attacking players.

      9. Free kicks and penalties - Infringements outside of the Penalty Area will result in the award of an indirect free kick. Infringements in the Penalty Area will result in the award of a penalty kick. Infringements will include over physical contact, barging and excessive use of upper body strength

      10. Offside - There is no offside.

      IMG_2501 (2).jpg

      11. Substitution procedures - The number of substitutions made during a match is unlimited. A player who has been replaced may return to the field of play as a substitute for another player. Substitutions should take place when there is a break in player during play if sanctioned the second official where there is one. Any of other players, or substitutes, may change places with the goalkeeper. The referee must be made aware of any change before it takes place and a change may only be made during a stoppage in play. The replacement goalkeeper must wear a jersey which distinguishes them from other players and the referee.

      12. Disciplinary sanctions - Blue card offences will be dealt with as per Rule 1. Yellow and red cards will be issued in line with normal rules related to foul play. Any player receiving a yellow card will be suspended from playing in the next match. Any player
      receiving a red card will be suspended from playing in all remaining matches in the tournament.

      13. Appeals committee - Appeals against sanctions noted above or any other matters relating to the tournament will be heard by the tournament disciplinary committee which will consist of two officials from Walkingfootballtours.com and two senior referees.
      There will be 3 points awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw. The winners will obviously be the team with the most points. If teams are tied on points then, the head to head results will be checked  (On aggregate) If still tied team placings will be decided on Goal difference. If still tied it will be judged on most goals scored. If still tied a play-off match will be played including extra time and penalties if required.
      Fixture lists will be sent after the Group draw has been made



      We will need one contact for each club regarding payment and registration, individual payments cannot be accepted.

      It will cost 100 euros to register your place at the event (non-refundable) which will come off the final balance owed.

      All payments must be in Euros.

      Places for the event are limited and popular, so you are advised to register quickly before planning flights.



      Deposits of 50 euros per head must be paid by November 31st 2017.

      A further payment of 100 euros per head must be paid by February 23rd 2018

      Final balances must be received by March 31st 2018.

      Once commitment of team players numbers has been made by deposits, you can still change players’ names but not numbers.

      Once we make the initial payment we cannot receive cancellation fees and full payment will be required.

      Player registration forms will be sent separate and will require dates of birth.

      Passports will be checked at resort. Once registered with a team Players may not play for any other team in the tournament.

      Playing squads must have a maximum of 10 and we would recommend a minimum of 8 to cover unforeseen injuries.
      If you need assistance organising travel from the airport to the resort (Venice or Trieste airports) we can assist you.

      If you have any questions or Special requirements please contact Mick Quinn directly on 07810 100175
      More information can be found on Walkingfootballtours.com




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